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Implicit and explicit personality - Essay Example

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The implicit and explicit personalities have been studied with special reference to the manner in which individuals express their…
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Implicit and explicit personality
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Extract of sample "Implicit and explicit personality"

IMPLICIT AND EXPLICIT PERSONALITY Introduction This paper discusses a study that was carried out to determinethe cause of different forms of aggressive behavior and its manifestations. The implicit and explicit personalities have been studied with special reference to the manner in which individuals express their aggressiveness. The implications of these findings in the work environments have also been discussed.
The objective of the study was to determine whether implicit and explicit personalities and aggressive behavior of individuals are related as hypothesized by various test models. This was motivated by the fact that people express themselves differently within themselves and outwards depending on their personality and the self perception on aggressiveness (Frost, Ko and James, 2007, p. 1305). Through a methodological investigation, the study found out that the hypothesized model of interactive combination of explicit and implicit personalities and the demonstration of aggressiveness is significant in the determination of behavior.
The study revealed that people who perceived themselves as being aggressive are attracted to aggressive behaviors especially overt aggression. Therefore people who think that they are capable of being aggressive are more likely to be involved in actions that are considered to be aggressive. The study also found out that people who thinks about themselves as being less aggressive or not aggressive at all but are implicitly aggressive demonstrate aggressive behavior in passive forms. On the other hand, individuals whose implicit personality are less aggressive but believe that they are hostile or confrontational are more likely to engage in verbal forms of aggression as the most appropriate way of expressing their feelings (Frost, Ko and James, 2007, p. 1307).
The comparison of the study with prior investigations and the various models enabled the study to determine how implicit and explicit personalities determine the manner in which people think of themselves. This in return was found to be the explanation for the manner in which aggressive behavior of an individual is expressed. The implicit personalities are recommended to psychologist as significant in explaining aggression rather than the reliance of the explicit demonstrations of one’s personality and its implication in expression of aggression.
The combination of self reported and implicit personalities in the study is significant because it helps in the understanding of the reasons why the expression of people’s aggression is diverse within organizations and society in general. The application of both of these approaches enables the determination of the kind of channels through people express their aggressiveness so that they are explained and understood. Additionally, the justification that people give for aggressive behavior is evaluated and understood through the application of both implicit and explicit personality in studying how they implicate on aggressive behavior (Frost, Ko and James, 2007, p. 1309).
The study and its findings illustrate human behavior which has implications within the work place. It is notable that professional behavior within work environments is characterized by inhibition of aggressive behavior. As a result, the expression of aggression in these environments is usually indirect. The inhibition of direct aggression in work place is due to the need to void toxicity during work and poor relationships (Frost, Ko and James, 2007, p. 1314). Indirect aggressiveness in the work environment could also compromise work just as directive aggression such as bullying could poison relationships. Passive aggression in the workplace would take the direction of poor communication and absenteeism and may significantly reduce the productivity of individuals.
People perceive themselves differently in terms of their aggressive behavior and this is as a result of integration of implicit and explicit personalities. As a result, the manner in which people express their aggressiveness in various environments vary with various justification being used to explain such behavior. The results of the study have implications in the work environment because both direct and indirect expression of behavior could cause toxicity and bad relationships at the work place.
Frost B. C, Ko C. E, James L. R. (2007). “Implicit and Explicit Personality: A Test of a Channeling Hypothesis for Aggressive Behavior”. Journal of applied Psychology, Vol. 92, No. 5, pp. 1299–1319 Read More
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(Implicit and Explicit Personality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Implicit and Explicit Personality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Implicit and Explicit Personality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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