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Leadership Analysis of Bill Gates - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Leadership Analysis of Bill Gates" describes a brief analysis of Bill Gates, his personal life and the effect of his personal life experiences on his leadership style at Microsoft. One of the most important qualities of Gates is persistence and hard work…
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Leadership Analysis of Bill Gates
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Extract of sample "Leadership Analysis of Bill Gates"

Download file to see previous pages  Bill Gates original name is William Gates III. Since he belonged to a very well educated family, education was embedded in his genes. He did not want to confine himself to just reading or getting a degree. He wanted to educate himself and to learn (Bellis). In his quest to educate himself, he started finding opportunities and interests in various fields. In 7th Grade, he was given exposure to digital computers which sparked the love of technology within him. He had the opportunity to work on various computer-based product thus his interest was triggered by experience. Thus along with Paul Allen and other such friends, Bill Gates created various programs. It is important to note that this computer-based work was affecting the groups’ home works and other learning assignments assigned by the school (Microsoft). The “Drive” to fulfil the need of pursuing the interest in computers made Gates put in extra effort to learn about it. The rebellious side of Gates was first discovered in 1968 when CCC (Computer Centre Corporation) opened up in Washington, Seattle. The corporation was perceived by Gates and his friends as an opportunity to explore more around the area and enhance their skills. However, their extra interest caused trouble to the corporation. While their exploration of the new machine they managed to crash it several times regardless of the rules provided by CCC. However, later CCC realized the talent in the group and in exchange for giving them unlimited access to computers CCC demanded a continuous bug and security check of the machines to ensure effective functionality. Hence his career started then onwards (Microsoft). Almost all of us know about Bill Gates career so we are going to focus on his qualities first. Bill Gates possesses talent and love for technology. He believes in the power of hard work and the miracles intelligence can do. He believes in having a passion for whatever you do, for that is the ultimate key to success. He believes in the power of innovation and last but not the least, he believes in taking risks. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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