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Generating Decision Alternatives - Essay Example

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Business owners look for able managers instead of themselves to run the business for the sake of safe decisions. In most instances, decision making involving one’s market competitors needs a lot of…
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Generating Decision Alternatives
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Download file to see previous pages Controlling a business means having control of the commodity one is supplying. In the case where one’s competitors are supplying your commodities, they can dictate the quality and quantity which is not good for business (Gilbert, Pinel, Wilson, Blumberg and Wheatley, 2002). GM barred Saturn from the access of new products in the market which lowered their income. The UAW then waged war on Saturn’s labor reforms which was intended to keep Saturn from spreading its tentacles to other GM factories (The Wall Street Journal, 2009). The UAW made Saturn agree to a contract which eliminated most of the work skills that only UAW members can perform.
This meant that Saturn comprised mostly of UAW members who with any gain for the company, they also aimed at benefiting. The UAW members were also assigned to all executives and managers of Saturn and hence they formed part of the decision making team. They were able to manipulate many decisions in their favor which killed the company gradually. With the harsh labor conditions and the harsh agreement on the supply of commodity, Saturn could no longer stay in the market. The leaders at Saturn had the assumption that procuring vehicles from GM would enable them to compete favorably with other related firms. This was not the case since GM was also their competitors and being the creators of the firm, GM had to find a way to kill is the competitor and partner.
The GM and UAW leaders could only be coaxed with the reasonable way of sharing profits. The Saturn leaders would also consider legal bindings, which may bar THE UAW from interfering in their business. To deal with the assumption above, the company needed to lure GM to deal which involved a high profit share. A share of about 60% and 40% or 70% and 30% would be enough to coax the GM leaders. This would give another income option to GM and they would do anything to keep their source of income in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Generating Decision Alternatives Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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