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Why Is it Necessary to Conduct a Needs Assessment - Assignment Example

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The assignment "Why Is it Necessary to Conduct a Needs Assessment" states that The Needs Assessment Report outlined several reasons why it is necessary to conduct a needs assessment. First, it is necessary because there is a possibility that training might be used to solve a problem. …
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Why Is it Necessary to Conduct a Needs Assessment
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Extract of sample "Why Is it Necessary to Conduct a Needs Assessment"

List three techniques that can be used to collect information for a needs assessment. Name one advantage and one disadvantage of each.
There are several techniques that can be used to collect information for a needs assessment and these include observation, questionnaire, and interview (Needs Assessment 11). The first technique is through observation. The advantage of this technique is that it generates data relevant to the work environment; however, this technique requires a skilled observer to be effective. The second technique to collect information is through the use of questionnaires. An advantage of this technique is that one can collect data from a large sample, yet it is not costly. The disadvantage of using questionnaires is the possibility of getting low return rates and inappropriate responses. Conducting interviews is another technique used to collect information for a needs assessment. The benefit of this technique is that questions can be modified depending on the response of the interviewee; however, a skilled interviewer is needed to do this. It is also time-consuming and difficult to analyze.
9. Why should organizations conduct an organizational analysis before designing a training course? What information is acquired from an organizational analysis?
An organization has to conduct an organizational analysis before designing a training course because it must make sure that the training program is congruent with the strategies of the corporation. It must also take into account that the training program can be supported by the available resources of the company. Support of management and the employees who will take part in the training program is essential for the success of the program.
The information acquired from an organizational analysis are the training resources available for the company and the qualities of the people who will be part of the training program. Aside from these information, the analysis will also acquire information on the objectives and goals of the company and the areas in the organization where training is needed (Landy and Conte 295).
10. Why should organizations conduct a person analysis before offering training? What information is acquired from a person's analysis?
Organizations should conduct a person analysis before offering training because they need to know what the present competencies of the person are and the areas where he needs improvement. Organizations should also determine whether a person is ready for the training and whether he is open to it.
The information that will be acquired from a person analysis are the knowledge, skills and abilities that a person has and his readiness for the training.
11. What information is acquired from a task analysis? What are the four steps that one should follow for conducting a task analysis?
The information acquired from a task analysis are the knowledge of the procedures, skill in implementing the job, physical and mental abilities and the other environmental factors which are present in the performance of the task (Needs Assessment 30).
The four steps involved in conducting a task analysis are 1) the selection of the job or jobs to be analyzed; 2) development of a preliminary list of tasks performed on the job; 3) validation or confirmation of the preliminary list of tasks; and 4) identification of the knowledge, skills or abilities necessary to ensure that the task is performed successfully (Needs Assessment 31). Read More
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