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Leaders of Contemporary Public Health Promotion Services - Essay Example

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In the paper “Leaders of Contemporary Public Health Promotion Services” the author analyzes the problem of the public health sector in England. Public health got too focused on standards of practice and all sorts of inward-looking things…
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Leaders of Contemporary Public Health Promotion Services
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Extract of sample "Leaders of Contemporary Public Health Promotion Services"

Download file to see previous pages The issue with obesity is already in the public consciousness. Yet, despite of the multitude of proposed solution on how to curb obesity, its incidence still continue to rise at an alarming rate. Clearly, the present approach proves to be ineffective because the epidemic still pervades and this poses a challenge to public health sector leadership in years ahead on how to effectively respond to this epidemic that poses serious health risk.
Narcissism can be said as a silent epidemic because its symptoms are not obvious unlike obesity where we can readily see that a person is overweight. We can feel its ill effects such as overconfidence that leads to self-destruction but having difficulty on determining if such personality trait is already a disorder. Only until recently in a study made by Twenge and Campbell that they found out that the prevalence of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is already as pervasive as obesity. This is a unique epidemic among the younger and present generation because this is not pervasive among the older generation. People over the age of 65 had only three percent incidence of narcissm while it is 10 percent among people who are in their twenties (2009).
What is more alarming with this epidemic is that it has not yet entered into the consciousness of the public mind and maybe even among health care practitioners. This poses as a greater problem because it is not recognized as an issue when it is already as pervasive as obesity. When NPD is not yet recognized as a problem, we would not know how to address the disorder that it will continue to affect unnoticed.
This combined issues poses a challenge for the leaders and managers of the public health care sector over the next few years considering that they also have to address another type of epidemic that is as pervasive as obesity which is narcissism.
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