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Fire Department Safety Officer - Essay Example

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The essay "Fire Department Safety Officer" states that Incident safety officers play an important role in the control and management of any arising fire hazards. Dealing with fire hazards as they arise becomes an important part of any officer in the fire department. …
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Fire Department Safety Officer
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Extract of sample "Fire Department Safety Officer"

The paper shows that at this stage the Incident Commander is reactive in the delegation of his firefighter duties (Dodson, 2007, p.56). Therefore if an Incident officer is going to make the much-needed difference in the fire scene, the delegation of such safety functions needs to be proactive. The concept of proactive ISO response, therefore, entails the pre-planning of an ISO response to cover the essential details of an efficient ISO system (Dodson, 2007, p.57).
A fire department ought to practice this method in order to firstly ensure that it streamlines its efficiency practices. This will be best achieved by creating operational frameworks that aim to reduce the impacts of disasters by prevention rather than those that aim to clean up the messes once they have occurred. A proactive response is better because it helps in the preparedness of the department to cope with emerging challenges. This it does by preparing the incident commanders to have contingency measures in place for any eventual outcome.
Further, a reactive delegation of the ISO hinders the effective mobilization of the resources to respond to the situation as it will be mobilization after the fact. This encounters challenges of inadequate resources as the required resources might be tied up in other activities. Proactive responses, however, are better adapted to dealing with such emerging challenges as they are designed to anticipate emergencies and thus resources are readily available to deal with them. Read More
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(Fire Department Safety Officer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 354 Words)
Fire Department Safety Officer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 354 Words.
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