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Decision questions - Assignment Example

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In a highly competitive era of globalization and the rampant, tumultuous economic climate, organizations need to achieve efficiency and effectiveness through amicable problem solving mechanism. However, there are various factors that hinder the identification of a…
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Decision questions
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Extract of sample "Decision questions"

Organization and Management Theory In a highly competitive era of globalization and the rampant, tumultuous economic climate, organizations need to achieve efficiency and effectiveness through amicable problem solving mechanism. However, there are various factors that hinder the identification of a problem within an organization, precipitated by the complexity of the task (Whetten & Cameron, 1998). These include:
1. Lack of commitment.
2. Lack of knowledge and techniques.
3. Misinterpreting the problem.
4. Inability to combine creative and analytical thinking.
5. Poor methods.
A manager who is not committed to the affairs of a company may not be able to identify quickly any change in the current and desired state of affairs in a company. A fall in sales volume may be because of poor advertising, competition, or reduced production. Therefore, a manager who is not committed may be slow in identifying any possible problem that is causing the change in sales volume compared to a committed manager. Also, managers who are unable to combine analytical and creative thinking may not be able to handle complex, ambiguous operations, which require sophisticated techniques to identify any arising problems.
The fundamental differences between Delphi process and nominal group are as listed below. In nominal group technique, members of the group form a list of ideas privately, then one member of the group present one item from the list and they are recorded publicly. Conversely, Delphi process is a process of decision-making which depends on a panel of experts who make decisions while in different locations. In nominal, decisions are made by a group which has a group leader who will present the ideas while in Delphi, every group member give ideas independently. In nominal, the ideas are exchanged verbally while in Delphi, the ideas are conveyed via electronic bulletin board, fax or in online discussion rooms (Whetten & Cameron, 1998). Finally, in nominal criticism of the presented ideas is not allowed while in Delphi it is allowed.
Delphi would be better situated than nominal in the cases whereby the ideas needs expertise, while nominal would be better situated over Delphi in the situations exchange of the ideas verbally for convenience (Whetten & Cameron, 1998). The two processes would be controlled by consistent appraisals so as to get fruitful outcomes and get the best ideas.
Gibson, J. (2011). Organizations: Behavior, Structure, Processes. New York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.
Whetten, D. A., & Cameron, K. S. (1998). Developing management skills. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley. Read More
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Decision Questions Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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