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Questions (team decision) - Assignment Example

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However, I would support his decision about protecting the environment. In order to prevent the business from destroying its reputation, our hotel managers would have to arrange for a…
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Questions (team decision)
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Questions (Team decision) Question It is improper to support the mayor’s plan since our business would be negatively affected. However, I would support his decision about protecting the environment. In order to prevent the business from destroying its reputation, our hotel managers would have to arrange for a meeting with the mayor and environmental experts in order to discuss how the business would operate in sustainable ways (Alderman 1). The mayor should give the hotels a chance to identify their social responsibilities that will ensure a balance between the business and sustainable environment.
Question 2
The business operations should be aligned with the mayor’s goals in order stay in the business while addressing the mayor’s concerns. For instance, the hotels should create policies that will ensure that the business operate in environmental friendly way. The policies should focus on the social responsibilities of the firm. This means that in order stay in the business, the hotel should ensure that it restores the natural environment that has been destroyed by the business operations. The hotel should also agree to pay fines that are equivalent the destructions they cause on the natural surroundings.
Question 3
In this case, one would justify the decision to fulfill the responsibility and face certain loss by focusing on the benefits of the natural environment in the community. The case can be justified if the benefits of the natural environment outweigh the benefits of the hotels. For instance, it is worthy to eliminate the hotels as a long term solution since this will allows the beach plant to grow. This will attract more tourists, which will benefit the whole community. The hotels only benefit the hotel owners.
One would also justify ignoring the responsibility by focusing on the benefits of the hotel. For instance, eliminating the hotels would lead to the loss of employment in the community. In addition, share holders will incur huge losses.
Works Cited
Alderman, Liz. Environment and business clash in saint-Tropez. The New York Times. 2010. Web. October 6 2014. Read More
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