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Ducati customer perception and brand loyalty proposal - Essay Example

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The research proposal is based on identifying Ducati customer perception and brand loyalty. Ducati Motor Holding is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer that…
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Ducati customer perception and brand loyalty proposal
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Extract of sample "Ducati customer perception and brand loyalty proposal"

Download file to see previous pages ything has something positive and negative about it but with negative aspects also; the popularity of Ducati has been surging to new heights (Leenen, 2000). This can be considered as an intriguing phenomenon and the research will explore it in a logical and illustrative manner.
Literature Review- this part of the study is very important and information will be collected from wide arrays of sources and resources to identify the research issue. This part will explore the concepts of customer perception and brand loyalty in an informative and logical manner.
There have been many research papers on customer loyalty and perceptions over a product but not many research papers have analyzed these elements based on negative aspects. The research tries to find reasons for the popularity of Ducati motorcycles in spite of negative aspects and facts about poor after sales service and customer service.
The main purpose of this chapter is to underpin theories and concepts on customer perception and brand loyalty along with relating them with Ducati customer perception and brand loyalty. This will help in achieving the proposed aim and objectives of the research.
Customer perception is often defined as the feeling and emotions of customers based on a product and service. Customer perception is based on product’s attributes and acceptance in the market (Hawkins (2007). Positive customer perception often helps in accepting the product and services while negative perception over a product often leads to little desired for the product. Ducati has a brand appeal and value that attracts customers across the world. More importantly, motorcycles are used for road and racings catering to two different segments. It can be assumed that racing being a sport often attracts the youth to relate themselves with speed, power and attractiveness. This creates a sort of perception that often creates a desire to own the motorcycle. This part requires thorough analysis of the customer ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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