Improving Brand Loyalty through Brand Image Starbucks Company - Dissertation Example

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The dissertation "Improving Brand Loyalty through Brand Image Starbucks Company" aims to examine the world of global business, advertising, sales, Internet and technology, innovation, brand and brand strategy, and brand loyalty in order to understand how can Starbucks improve its brand…
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Improving Brand Loyalty through Brand Image Starbucks Company
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"Improving Brand Loyalty through Brand Image Starbucks Company"

Download file to see previous pages Gaining a competitive advantage by not just selling a product but selling a community; a place where people could have a sense of belonging. By touching people's emotions, they were able to hit right at the heart, where people are moved, and decisions are easily made based on emotions and what touches them. Their customers were made to feel special and a part of an elite group surrounded by others like them as those who purchased the coffees, other products (such as holiday items), and music could share the same social lifestyle-one that is upscale yet affordable (compared to real luxury brands that only the wealthy can partake.) It is more than just a mere cup of coffee that they were getting. It is a lifestyle, a community, a way of life.

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Table of Contents

1. Presentation1
1.1 Title..1
1.2 Executive Summary..2
1.3 Table of Contents..3
1.4 List of Tables..6
1.5 List of Figures.8
1.6 References/Bibliography..9

2. Introduction20
2.1 Background20
2.2 Research Problem/Justification of the Study22
2.3 Aims.23
2.4 Objectives/Research Questions..23

3.Literature Review24
3.1 Relevance..24
3.2 Up to Date..57

3. Methodology64
4.1 Selection and Justification of Research Method/Approach...64
4.2 Appropriateness of the Research Method/Approach..65
4.3 Research Design (Addressing Matters of Validity and Reliability)....68
4.4 Selection and justification of data collection methods.71

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5. Research Results72
5.1 Analysis of Results72
5.2 Presentation...72
5.3 Discussion..75

6. Conclusion/Recommendations and Limitations of the Study..76
6.1 Link with the Aims and Objectives77
6.2 Link with the Research Problem...78
6.3 Practicality of recommendations...78
6.4 Awareness of...
2. Introduction
2.1 Background of the Study

In today’s world, there are numerous of products on the market. In fact, there are too many products and brands to mention as it seems that just about every single thing imaginable has already been invented and available for sale. Due to technological advances, the Internet has provided tools for that businesses can use to create their brand and deliver the image that it wants consumers to have regarding their products like never before. So competition is fierce and companies must come up with new ideas that will make their products more desirable to consumers.
The culture of the “luxury” brands industry is one of image. Nowadays people do not just buy a product simply for the product itself. Purchasing in order to just to have the product is not the only reason for investing money anymore. No longer do the days and age of mere survival (such as the Depression Era or before the Industrial Revolution) exist. Money and credit is at our disposal and life is more leisurely than before. Therefore, products must meet higher demands and standards. People live more luxuriously if even in appearance and image. It is this image and the culture that people buy into. For example, an individual who is making minimum wage and trying to make ends meet typically is happy with a car that is dependable. Then as life progresses, he/she becomes more comfortable and wants a car that does more than “run”. Features such as air conditioning, heater, and a radio become important. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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