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California and Federal Leave Laws - Research Paper Example

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The present paper describes different types and difference between California and Federal leave laws. Many states have identified the disadvantages of this present law and the unfavorable impact it is causing on both the employers and the employees. …
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California and Federal Leave Laws
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Download file to see previous pages From this study it is clear that many states have identified the disadvantages of this present law and the unfavorable impact it is causing on both the employers and the employees. Because of this, twenty-eight states such as New York, California, New Jersey among many other have introduced paid leave bills. This enables workers to get payment from a given period when they are on leave.This paper declares that introduction of SB 1661 legislation in California State in February in 2002 enhanced the existing States Disability Insurance (SDI) system. The present SDI system is already providing partial paid family and medical leave. They also replace 55 to 60 percent of the wage of the employees when they take a leave to recover from serious illness such as pregnancy and disabilities that come because of giving birth. Further, use of SB 1661 extends this medical and family leave insurance system to enable employees replace 50-60 percent of their wages when they take a leave up to 12 weeks to take care of the newborn or a family member who is seriously sick or after adopting a new baby. Section 233 of the California labor code enables employers to use up to the amount of sick leave that accumulate during the period of six month that they use while caring for family members who are sick. This research paper analyzes different types of leaves laws as well as the differences that exist between California and federal leave laws. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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