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The author of the essay "My Greatest Strengths" intends to show his virtues, which make him undoubtedly the ideal candidate for leadership. He is able to cope with difficulties, motivate and organize himself and others, has outstanding research abilities…
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My Greatest Strengths
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The unique thing about me is that I bring fresh perspectives and original insights into the way I work and help others realize their potential as well. This aspect of mentoring and stimulating the other members of the team to do their best makes me a natural leader. Compared to other graduates, I believe that my superior research skills and ability to organize myself and the team to face challenges put me at an advantage.

What is your Value Message?
I bring the values of honesty, accountability and an ability to meet challenges head on to the table. I am transparent in my dealings and if I am given some responsibility, I ensure that I am accountable as well. Combined with the ability to rise up to challenges, these values make me an ideal person to lead a team. Further, I can subordinate my individual goals to the needs of the team making me a team player as well. Hence, this ability to be a part of the team as well as lead a team makes me versatile and skillful at my job.

I will show my value to the prospective employer by telling him about the most significant challenge that I have faced in my life so far and recounting the details of how I overcame the challenge. The challenge being mentioned is about how I led from the front when faced with an intractable problem that required out-of-the-box thinking to arrive at a solution. Read More
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