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The paper "Reflection of Planning Ahead by Frederick Shea " states that if an important client requests a customized service or product and the company has the capabilities to comply, the firm must accommodate the customer to achieve customer retention. …
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Reflection of Planning Ahead by Frederick Shea
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After reading the article Planning Ahead by Frederick Shea I further believe in the phrase the is king. In accounting, field professionals prepare themselves in order to gain higher levels of knowledge to meet the complex requirements of the field. Professional certifications such as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or Certified Financial Planner (CFP) can help aspiring business workers increase their income and better serve their customers. Over the years the consumer has become a bigger priority due to the global competition. If one company is not able to meet the needs of the consumers, another one will grab those clients. Due to the intense global competition factors other than price have become more important over the years. In order to retain customer companies have to provide excellent customer service and good product variety. Bad publicity and irresponsible acts such as the occurrence at Nike a decade ago are the types of incidents that can destroy the brand value of an enterprise. Another way to increase customer retention is to design products and services that provide greater value at a competitive price point. Read More
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