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The author of the paper will begin with the statement that his college education in interdisciplinary studies has given him a taste of diverse education and that has brought about an appreciation for the values of equality and diversity for the author…
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Extract of sample "Working with Organisations such as the Inland Revenue and Abbey National"

Supporting ment My college education in interdisciplinary studies has given me a taste of diverse education and that has brought about an appreciation for the values of equality and diversity for me. I have an excellent phone manner and have a lot of experience dealing with people on the phone in all sorts of capacities from a switchboard operator to a part of a consulting group. This has also made me well-versed with understanding the legal requirements of confidentiality, regulatory and ethical matters that apply to various client relationships.
I believe that my volunteer work with young children has placed me ideally to handle the problems faced by them and I have been briefed about issues such as sexual abuse and domestic violence as it relates to them. Since I am very good at following instructions, conducting needs assessments based on set methodologies should not be a problem for me at all. Similarly, recording data by hand or on a computer is also something I have a lot of practice with within my previous positions.
Working with organisations such as the Inland Revenue and Abbey National has given me a background in ensuring that the right department is given the right information about the right client therefore referrals to other services or appropriate colleagues is almost second nature for me. When required, I can follow up with clients just as I had in the financial industry or in the consultancy business. I certainly have the initiative to work as a problem solver but I also well understand the scope of my authority therefore I can spot when a problem needs to be referred to higher authorities.
This balanced approach has put me in a position where I always create productive and positive relationships with all my co-workers and these relationships are always meant to further the progress and objectives of the group. I appreciate the value of teamwork and communications simply because I have worked in positions that have placed me at the centre of the network where I was essentially managing a lot of the communications that went through the company. Roles such as these have given me deeper insights into how organisations operate and what they can do to improve their communication systems and methodologies.
Of course, with newer systems issues such as security, confidentiality and reliability may also come up and I can safely say that my familiarity with these areas is very much above par. I believe that a company should have set standards of practice and that the employees should conform to these standards for the benefit and safety of all concerned parties. Therefore I do not see a reason why is should not be able to do the same for this organisation. Working for the Inland Revenue taught me the importance of complying with regulations and rules of conduct and I am certain that I can apply the same anywhere else that I work. Most importantly, I am willing to learn and adept to the changes that come to the work environment therefore I believe that I am the perfect candidate. Read More
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