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Leadership in All the Segments of Our Life - Admission/Application Essay Example

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In the paper “Leadership in All the Segments of Our Life,” the author focuses on the process of taking charge, controlling and guiding a group of people for the accomplishment of a common task. The leader must care for the wellbeing of the led and for that of the organization in for which he is working…
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Leadership in All the Segments of Our Life
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Extract of sample "Leadership in All the Segments of Our Life"

of the Leadership Leadership is a process of taking charge, controlling and guiding a group of people for the accomplishment of a commontask. The leader must care for the wellbeing of the led and also for that of the organization in for which he is working. Leadership styles might be different for different people because of the individual differences. Some leaders may be autocratic in their approach whereas some others may be democratic in their functioning. A third segment of leaders will take an approach which is in between that of an autocrat and democrat.
Leadership is necessary in almost all the segments of our life. A country needs a leader (President/Prime Minister) for its political and administrative matters; a business organization needs a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or Managing Director (MD) to lead the organization, a school needs a principal or headmaster in order to control the school functions, etc. It is difficult for the topmost leader to control all things of the organization independently and hence he will appoint some sub leaders like; the ministers in a political administration under the prime minister and managers in an organization under the CEO etc. The main objective of the leadership in any case is to lead the organization and the stakeholders towards prosperity.
Leaders adopt and implement different strategies for the smooth functioning of the organization. These strategies may be decided independently or with the consultation of other top managers of the organization. Democratic leaders always discuss things with his subordinates before taking any crucial decision whereas the autocratic leaders always take decisions independently and implement it adamantly.
I am coming from Puerto Rico which is not an independent country. It is considered as one of the territories of America and the American President is the head of our country. The increased involvement of America in our politics and other internal matters created an American leadership culture in our country. It is difficult for us to take crucial political decisions independently because of the control of Americans over our administration. The commonwealth government or administration of Peurto Rica consists of judiciary, parliament/legislative and executive. The executive system is headed by a governor. Mainly three political parties comprising of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), New Progressive Party (NPP) and Puerto Rican Independence Party compete for the power in our country. All the three parties have different ideologies like; Puerto Rican Independence Party is trying for independence from America, NPP argues for statehood and PDP thinks that the current status is enough for the Puerto Ricans.
Leadership is an essential thing required in our social life in order to guide us towards prosperity. It is difficult to anticipate that all the people have similar skills and qualities and hence the leaders are also different in their way of functioning; some may be autocrats while the others may be democrats in their functioning. Irrespective of the way of functioning, the ultimate objective of every action of the leader should be aimed at the wellbeing of the led. Read More
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Leadership in All the Segments of Our Life Admission/Application Essay.
“Leadership in All the Segments of Our Life Admission/Application Essay”, n.d.
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