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Development Policies and Political Evolution of Jordan - Essay Example

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The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordon, more commonly known as Jordon, is an Arab nation, located at the Southwestern part of the Asian continent spread over the Syrian desert to the Gulf of Aqaba sharing borders with neighboring countries like Syria, Iraq, Israel, Palestine, and Saudi Arabia…
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Development Policies and Political Evolution of Jordan
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Download file to see previous pages He has the power to appoint or dismiss the judges, amend the constitution, wage wars, and control the armed forces. He appoints the council of ministers, led by the Prime Minister, which is entrusted with the responsibility of overlooking the affairs of the country concerning general policies.
The Jordanian constitution offers three types of courts – civil, religious and special, and its administration comprises of a total of twelve governorates each of which is led by a governor, who in turn is appointed by the King. The governors of each governorate are responsible for supervising and managing all the government departments as well as developmental projects in their respective regions1.
Jordan, a predominantly monarchist regime, has seen the tremendous transformation on the political front in the past decade. Its transition from monarchy towards a democracy has resulted in the establishment of a multi-party system, as well as framing of revolutionary laws and policies that aimed to ensure and safeguard political freedom.
Jordan aims to establish itself as a model of a modern Islamic state with humanistic values. In pursuit of its ideals and a vision to create a model framework for the social, political and economic development of their country, the Ministry for Political Development was established in the year 2003. This organization put forward a formal definition that aptly described the country’s political ideologies. It is mentioned below:
“Development is a modernization process that will develop the relationship between the State and society, which will foster public stability and social peace through developing the law regulating public affairs, stimulating public participation, restructuring the public concepts of organizational and institutional structures and transforming the concepts of adjustment loyalty, transparency, accountability and participation from the theoretical stage into the application sphere." ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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