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National Lewis and Clark Corporation - Case Study Example

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In the paper “National Lewis and Clark Corporation,” the author discusses the importance of incorporating diversity, which is essential in improving a company’s overall bottom-line. One company that succeeded in this regard is Nestlé. Honored as the “Best International Company for Leadership Development”…
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National Lewis and Clark Corporation
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Extract of sample "National Lewis and Clark Corporation"

Download file to see previous pages In this respect, diversity within Nest is viewed as an opportunity, which enables the company's managers to fully adapt to its 86 foreign markets by integrating a diverse set of cultures, allowing them to become more responsive to its customers' needs. Thus, Nestl's philosophy focuses on developing a diverse workforce, which mirrors the needs of its equally diverse consumer. Furthermore, Nestle, together with other European companies, views diversity as "inseparably intertwined" with leadership development (Reichlin, 2004). Hence to effectively incorporate diversity, Nest focuses on more than just developing a diverse workforce, but on integrating diversity with leadership training and advancement and workforce retention and recruitment.
2. Two notable diversity initiatives implemented in Nest lies in its value-added leadership approach and emphasis on the company's leadership training program focused on honing its internal workforce for top management positions (Reichlin, 2004). First, through its value-added leadership, Nestle successfully develops a highly-motivated workforce, where minor employees are given the chance to excel and play larger roles within the organization. As Reichlin (2004) explains it, everyone, regardless of their position, is given responsibilities within the company insofar as they add value to the firm, hence fostering inclusiveness. Its leadership training program, on the other hand, fosters collaboration and cooperation across the management spectrum. One characteristic of this program is its focus on mentoring. By giving one-on-one attention and monitoring potential leaders' development and maturity, Nest succeeds in maintaining its employees' original cultures while integrating individuals into their corporate culture and honing them for advancement to top-management positions. Furthermore, company executives also gain better knowledge regarding its workforce, allowing them to make better decisions with regard to diversity. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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