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Inventory Management and Materials Requirement Planning of the Royal Air Force of Oman - Term Paper Example

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This report discusses the inventory management system that the Royal Air force of Oman has adopted and how this affects its performance. The report also discusses the problems of excess inventory that the Air force is currently facing and ties this to the type of inventory management system. …
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Inventory Management and Materials Requirement Planning of the Royal Air Force of Oman
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Extract of sample "Inventory Management and Materials Requirement Planning of the Royal Air Force of Oman"

Download file to see previous pages Inventory management can be defined as the practice of managing the inventory of an organization so as to ensure that it does not go out of stock and that the needs of the organization are continually met (Pillsbury, 2005). Inventory management is carried out in order to protect the organization against stock-outs when there is variability in terms of demand. Inventory management and materials planning in a military setting is very much different from the business setting due to the nature and sensitivity of the inventory itself. The fact that there is always need to provide the right materials to the military personnel at the right time especially during the war has resulted in a situation where the inventory management practices adopted are very risk averse leading to the holding of a lot of inventory at a time in their stores. This is due to the fact that there is a need to consider the risk of lacking particular materials when they are needed by the personnel on the ground (Hillier and Lieberman, 2001). Royal Air force of Oman Inventory system The Royal Air force of Oman is no exception to the inventory management practices adopted by the military. ...
Some of the items in the inventory have been there for many years and the military is now being faced with the risk of obsoleteness as new technology development has resulted in new more advanced military pieces of equipment (Max, 2005). Military organizations all over the world have traditionally focused on keeping high levels of inventory in order to be able to deliver the needed services and pieces of equipment to their personnel. This has therefore led to a situation where the military organizations have to take a risk-averse position and adopt inventory management practices which allow the storage of high levels of inventory for readiness purposes. This is a practice that most military logistics personnel adopt and has resulted in a common belief that holding more inventory is better when it comes to being ready for warfare and being ahead of other military forces.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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