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Interview project assignment - Essay Example

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Interview project assignment Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Interview project assignment Introduction In hospitality industry, there are multiple career paths depending on what an individual wants to focus on. Many hotels, restaurants and travel firms have formal training programs in which graduates are recruited for a period of six months to two years…
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Interview project assignment
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Download file to see previous pages This paper reports an interview with marketing manager in a five star hotel exploring his career path, job duties and personal feelings about a career in the hospitality industry. Career Path of the Interviewee According to the sales personnel, getting to the position of marketing manager was not an easy ride. He has been working at the hotel for the last twenty-five years. From the information that he divulged, he was one of the few lucky who was recruited through graduate trainee program of the hotel. After working in different departments for two years, he was absorbed into the hotel because of his astounding performance as a management trainee. His main aspiration was to land in the position of a marketing manager one day. Having pursued a bachelor degree in hotel and hospitality management, he felt that he really needed to pursue a marketing degree, which would make him a more suited candidate for the job. As such, he enrolled as a part-time student for a degree program in marketing. After completing his marketing course in three years, it took another two years before he was promoted to the rank of assistant marketing manager of the hotel. ...
Job Duties From the interview it emerged that the main responsibility of a marketing manager is to maximize revenues for the hotel through development of strategic programs that would ensure maximum use of the hotel’s facilities. He or she must be informed of current factors that influence the performance of the hotel industry and also know the need of the customers as well as their attitudes. He is responsible for marketing coordination and promotional drives aimed at meeting or exceeding the expectations of customers. He must work in conjunction with other staffs of the hotel in order to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction at all times. Basically, the interviewee mentioned his main duties at the hotel as research, promotion, creation of awareness, maintaining good customer relationships and develop training program for marketing staff. According to the information obtained, as a marketing manager, one must research on factors that appeal to the customers of the hotel. It is crucial to monitor comments by customers on the hotel’s website or on the hotel’s booking sites so as to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the hotel. Research also involves direct interaction with clients and making follow-up calls so as to discover areas that need improvement. Developing promotion programs is an intrinsic responsibility of the marketing manager. There is usually the need to increase occupancy during low seasons. Promotion drive may include running special events and giving coupons. Ensuring easy accessibility of the hotel to customers is also another important duty of the marketing manager. The manager should ensure that current information about facilities; services and rates are available to customers on websites and brochures. The marketing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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