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Bad Management Theories Are Destroying Good Management Practices - Essay Example

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The article I have chosen for reading was named in a quite provocative and intriguing manner - 'Bad management theories are destroying good management practices' The name of the article itself was the starting point which made me feel surprised…
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Bad Management Theories Are Destroying Good Management Practices
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Download file to see previous pages The name of the article itself was the starting point which made me feel surprised. The author was brave enough to question the effectiveness of academic theories taught to students and applied in management and other relative business fields. Thus, for example, Ghoshal (2005, p.75) claimed at the beginning of the article: “Our theories and ideas have done much to strengthen the management practices that we are all now so loudly condemning”. After reading this phrase I have naturally changed the usual way of my thinking and started to follow the ideas of the author. Idea that “academic research related to the conduct of business and management has had some very significant and negative influences on the practice of management” has left particular impact on me as well as desire for further investigation (Ghoshal, 2005, p.76). An overall style of the author surprised me by its boldness and open minded approach. Ghoshal’s vision of amoral theories propagated by business schools, idea of necessity to reconsider corporate governance issue, idea of positive organizational scholarship and some other thoughts made me to think through. 2. Surprises in JA 2 The second journal article that I have chosen for further analysis also was given loud and provocative name – “'Damned by our own theories: contradictions between theories and management education” (Donaldson 2002, p.96). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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