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Case Study, Cultural Turnaround at Club Med - Essay Example

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Cultural Turnaround at Club Med Table of Contents Analysing Club Med’s Culture before 2000 3 Major Factors for Club Med’s Success between the Year 1950s to 1990s 4 Value Creation Strategy 4 Innovation 4 Organisational Culture 5 Analysing Difficulties Faced by Club Med in the Early 1990s 6 The Reason behind the Failure of Bourguignon’s Plan and Justify Success of the Giscard’s Estaing’s plan 7 References 9 Analysing Club Med’s Culture before 2000 ‘Club Mediterranee’ (Club Med) is as one of the largest and highly recognised travel and tourism companies…
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Case Study, Cultural Turnaround at Club Med
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Download file to see previous pages Sooner, it was able to achieve a considerable growth in the competitive tourism business industry. During the year 2000, the company was highly focused on developing its brand image due to the fierce competition prevailing in the global hospitality industry (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., n.d.). Before the year 2000, the business performance of the organisation has been recognised to achieve substantial growth due to its wide range of tourist villages along with targeting potential clients through its exceptional business strategies. The strategy of maintaining festive atmosphere during all the seasons and maintaining adequate culture within the organisation has been widely accepted, which enabled Club med to attain a competitive advantage in the rapidly flourishing tourism industry (Sheth & et. al., 2010). The strategic reposition along with emphasising on building relationship has significantly facilitated the company to accomplish its desired business goals. In this context, Gracious Organisers (GO) responsible for maintaining effective relationship with clients has been identified to play a crucial role by maintaining festive culture throughout all the seasons within the tourist villages. Moreover, the integration of different events for targeting the youths such as cultural shows, sports along with village dances have significantly helped the organisation to obtain a wide attention of the global clients. In addition, the continuance of cooperative relationship between the employees along with their families has also been proven to play a major role for Club Med to maintain its organisational culture (Verdure, 1993). Major Factors for Club Med’s Success between the Year 1950s to 1990s With reference to the case scenario, a set of key success factors can be identified that led Club Med to play a dominant role in all-inclusive resort industry during the years 1950s to 1990s. In this regard, few of the key success factors during those years have been briefly highlighted in the following discussion. Value Creation Strategy The strategy of increasing value of different tourism activities performed by Club Med can be considered as one of the major successive factors that led to provide adequate support to the organisation between the years 1950s to 1990s. With regard to the major functional attributes in the value proposition of Club Med, it has been widely accepted that transportation, food, accommodation along with sports and entertainment events are the four major pillar of the company’s value creation strategy. Innovation The continuous innovation across the major key factors for the global tourists can also be considered to play as essential role in increasing value of its range of tourism services. Moreover, the innovative strategy of integrating exceptional tourism products and/services have act as a shield for the organisation against various potential threats from the global tour operators along with hotel chains within the period of 1950s to 1990s. Few of the remarkable innovative business operations analogous to Club Med during these periods have been demonstrated in the following table. Source: (Marom & et. al., 2003). Organisational Culture With regard to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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