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Leadership------read the requirement i send you carefully - Essay Example

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Leadership Introduction Strong leadership can be considered as backbone of any organisation. Leaders are responsible for creating support, vision, strategies as well as act as catalyst for the development of individuals, team and the entire organisation. Yet leadership as a character is termed as elusive because development of leaders to their highest potential is a big challenge for firms in today’s world…
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Leadership------read the requirement i send you carefully
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Download file to see previous pages Various research scholars such as Johnson (2000) and Howell and Costley (2001) have stated that organizations need to develop leadership skill among employees in order to provide direction, commitment and engagement to their work effort. This shows the increasing acceptability and desirability of leadership is various facets and situations in a business. According to John Maxwell (1997), “Leadership is influence – nothing more, nothing less.”In business terms, it can be defined as the ability to forecast or evaluate policies, long term planning and motivate the followers towards successful completion of the ongoing strategy. The objective of the current research is to identify and evaluate effectiveness and desirability of leadership. For this, attributes and traits of leadership in global as well as domestic environment will be discussed. Relevant examples will be demonstrated in order to strengthen the arguments. Importance of leadership Cultures can be explicitly different, especially in terms of attitudes, values and behaviours or groups and individuals. This kind of divergence has various implications on leadership in companies (Dorfman, 1996). Majority of previous leadership studies have concentrated only on the leaders in terms of their styles, actions and philosophies as well as appropriateness and acceptance of various styles of leadership among them. However, increasing number of studies has revealed that different leader actions and behaviours are evaluated and interpreted differently. This difference arises because of the variation in cultural environment and in the ideas of individuals in terms of an ideal leader. Some approaches are favoured in some places while others are seen as less effective. The existence of these variations is due to the fact that the importance and meaning given to leadership concept varies across regions (Alas, Tafel and Tuulik, 2007). With the expansion of firms across borders and globalisation, numerous opportunities and challenges have come into existence for leadership. With differing values and cultural beliefs, there is a bigger necessity for acknowledging and understanding leadership styles that are culturally linked (Avolio, Walumbwa and Weber, 2009). For making a leadership strategy effective, it is important to understand cultural sensitivities and be receptive towards it. In the present research, discussion will be covering the various domestic as well as international leadership skills and traits which aid understanding of the desirability and importance of leadership in the current scenario. Leadership theories and its influence in global and local firms Business around the globe displays various leadership styles. Typically, company culture plays an important role while choosing any leadership style in order to lead businesses and organizations. The leadership style and personality of the person hiring and conducting the recruitment also influences the choice of the type of leaders. The leadership style that is ultimately placed in charge determines the success of the company (Schein, 1992). It is also important to note that these styles vary in terms of culture and the functionality of the business. For example, local ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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