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Assignment 1: Performance Management and Organizational Goals - Research Paper Example

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Performance Management Channels of Distribution Course/Number Date Abstract Successful organizations and those that are destined for success are those which have learnt to integrate organizational goals and to performance management. The realization and acknowledgement of the inextricably integral nexus between organizational goals serves as the recipe for success since organizational goals guide the path, ideology and mission which the corporate entity will pursue, while performance management ensures that such a path is pursued in line with the firm’s financial, legal, ethical and human resources management strategy…
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Assignment 1: Performance Management and Organizational Goals
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Download file to see previous pages To this extent, performance management may focus on the performance of an employee, a department, an organization or even the process of building a service, on one hand. On the other hand, organizational goals Are overall objectives, mission and purposes of a business which have been established by the management and communicated to the organization’s employees. A company’s organizational goals characteristically focus on its long-term intentions for operating and its overall business philosophy which provides useful guidance for employees who seek to meet their performance target and to please their managers and supervisors. According to Schein (2000), there is a clearly strong relationship which exists between performance management and organizational goals. ...
These operational measures may be the use of supervisors, devolving organizational performance target to individual employees, using total rewards systems and competitive HRM practices and management. The crux of the matter herein is that effective performance management leads to the creation of tenable and valuable organizational goals and the attainment of organizational goals. Wells (2005) contends that organizational goals also encourage performance management in a generative sense. Lofty and noble organizational goals will compel an organization to craft performance management systems which are of high standards, as a way of ensuring that the organization does not steer clear of its path, and that organizational goals are met with the highest level of efficiency possible. The Impact of One to another and the Challenges Presented Popova and Sharpanskykh (2010) observe that performance management and organizational goals affect each other and act upon each other. Performance management ensures that an organization’s synergies and resources are actualized efficiently, so as to ensure the realization of the performance target. Effective and competitive performance management may positively catalyze the attainment of organizational goals, while poor performance management measures will forestall the realization of organizational goals. For instance, organizations which have effective performance systems will foster and nature fair HRM practices, use total rewards systems as a way of horning skilled and desirable talents, devolve organizational target to the individual level, use the services and input of the supervisors to ensure that employees ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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