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Infosys HRM Case Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Overview of the company Infosys is an Indian multinational company that was established in 1981 under strenuous conditions. The company offers information technology, outsourcing, business consulting, and software engineering services across the globe…
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Infosys HRM Case
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Download file to see previous pages The company has had to overcome several difficulties since its inception to stamp its authority in the market. The company has had a commendable annual growth rate of 65 percent from 1993 to 2003. The company first strategy was to be an off shoring company, but in the early stages, it had engaged in body shopping. Body shopping involved the sending of its IT experts to foreign countries to solve their client’s problems. However, the company moved back to its original plan of off shoring due to the restrictions that were facing it inn having the control of a specific project (Delong, 2006). The company prior to the preparation of the case was ranked as the best employer. The company had however dropped in the ranking necessitating for serious restructuring at its human resource department. The company placed a lot of importance on its current and future employees ensuring they were satisfied in terms of their welfare. The remuneration of the company’s employees was over ten to fifteen percent that offered by other companies in the same industry (Delong, 2006). Analysis of the company’s performance The company was founded by Murthy and six of his colleagues who had previously worked at start-up software firm against the discouragement from many of their friends. They started the company on two hundred and fifty dollars that they had borrowed from their spouses. The company’s vision was founded on the principles of creating wealth while adhering to the law and a strict code of ethics (Delong, 2006). All the founders of the company were professionals and they aimed at ensuring that they hired professionals to work for them in their endeavors. The founders envisioned a professionally run company that dealt fairly with all its stakeholders who included the customers, shareholders and employees. The initial face of starting the business was faced with challenges occasioned by the bureaucracy and regulations present in India. The regulations hampered the transactions of the business and limited its ability of becoming a global company. The company had a single client up to 1986 and matters became worse when the United States government placed restrictions on the issuance of visas (Delong, 2006). The action by the U.S. effectively reduced the customer base of the company that nearly collapsed. The company was faced with difficulties when one of the partners left to pursue other avenues in the U.S., which dent a blow to the company’s efforts of growth. Murthy convinced the rest of the partners to stay on in the company with a promise of turning it around into a successful company. The company’s management engaged in restricting efforts that were boosted by the liberalization of the Indian economy. The Indian economy had been faced with negative macroeconomic conditions that forced the government to liberalize its economy dismantling the licensing system that had been used (Delong, 2006). The new conditions in the business market allowed for the conversion and a hundred percent ownership of high-technology companies. The company took advantage of the liberalization of the economy to venture into the Indian capital markets through an initial public offer (IPO). The company moved from body shopping to off shoring as a strategy to counter the restrictions placed by the U.S. government on the limitations of obtaining a visa (Delong, 2006). T ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Infosys HRM Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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