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Operations Management (Flow Charts) - Case Study Example

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(Name) (Instructors’ name) (Course) (Date) Operations Management. 1 Bypass surgery helps the patient to lose weight by altering how the small intestines and stomach handles the eaten food. After bypass surgery, the stomach becomes smaller; the patient will feel satisfied with less food…
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Operations Management (Flow Charts)
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Download file to see previous pages The surgeon uses staples to dissect the stomach into upper and bottom section. The upper section is usually smaller while the bottom section is larger (Klein 86). The smaller upper section is where the food flows after eating. The smaller upper section, also called the pouch, is compared to the size of a walnut. This section holds about a single ounce of food. The second procedure for this surgery is called the bypass. During this step, the surgeon connects jejuna to a small hole in a patient’s pouch. The eaten food will flow from the pouch to the small intestines. This will enable the patient to absorb fewer calories. Bypass surgery can be carried out in two ways. In open surgery the surgeon makes a surgical cut to open the belly. Bypass will be done by working on the patients small intestines, stomach, and other parts. Consequently, the surgeon might use the tiny camera referred as laparoscope (Apple, Lock, and Peebles 76). This process is termed as the laparoscopy; camera is put in the patient's body. In laparoscopy, the surgeon makes small cuts in the patient's belly. Then he passes the camera through one of the cuts. The process is linked to the monitor of the video in the operating room. The surgeon will keep track of the belly at the screen. The surgeon then uses surgical instruments to carry out the bypass. The process can be represented in the form of a flow chart as shown below. 2. The minimum time the patient takes in the hospital before being discharged after paying cash is four days. The average time for those using insurance is about two weeks. Subsequently, the patient undergoing a laparoscopic surgery takes only two days. When the patient pays cash for the bariatric surgery, it will save the patient that stress of going through counseling, and various tests. Paying cash will also save the patient the agony of proving to the surgeon that he has tried other means of weight loss. Consequently, it reduces the patient stress of waiting for half a year before the procedure. Therefore, paying cash is something that the patient needs to consider (Apple, Lock, and Peebles 76). When surgery is paid in cash, they give the patient an option of choosing the surgeon to carry out the surgery. It does not involve longer procedures like the insurance. When the patient pays by cash, he normally spends one to three days in the hospital. When a patient undergoes laparoscopy, he stays in the hospital for two to three days. When he patients undergo this procedure, they recover faster and return to normal in two weeks time (McGowan and Chopra 89). The hernias rate in open surgery is reduced significantly. Therefore, the patients who pay cash are better off based on the procedural types to select from. Paying cash enables the patient to choose his location for the surgery and the kind of surgeon to be attended to. Dealing with insurance is always frustrating, but most insurance companies have realized that to cover procedures of bariatric makes financial sense (Apple, Lock, and Peebles 54). Paying cash enables the patient to have surgery almost immediately and also discharging is soon. The patient does not undergo the risk of being turned down due to coverage issues. There are reported cases of turn down from insurance companies at the last minutes of the surgery. 6. Assuming the patients get treatment by an insurance cover and go for open surgery. The Bariatric center will make 945,000 Dollars: Number of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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