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The positive and negative effects of social enterprise to the community - Research Paper Example

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Positive and Negative Effect of Social Enterprise on Community Name Institution Abstract The social enterprise notion entails combining social benefit with business trade. Social-enterprises are profit-generating businesses established to tackle environmental or social needs; social enterprises are ‘more than profit’ establishments…
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The positive and negative effects of social enterprise to the community
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Download file to see previous pages This essay will look into the negative and positive effects of social enterprise to the community. Introduction A social enterprise is a business, which aims not only to generate money, but as well to bring about a positive impact upon the communities it serves, the individuals with whom it operates with as well as their own work forces. A social enterprise can hire and pay earnings like a private-sector business; however, its focus is on the environmental or social aim, which differs from that of the private-sector (Dart & Zimmerman, 2004). Therefore, social enterprise entails the quest of business activities to attain a social undertaking. Social enterprise could include a range of activities like community-economic development, profit making activities within a nonprofit corporation, which might or might not be interrelated to the corporation’s services, and an alliance with the private industry (Alter, 2004). When social enterprise mission deviates from the intended mission can bring negative effects to the community such as its accountability to the mission. This paper will discuss the negative effects of social enterprises to the community. ...
Yet again, some imagine that rationalist justifications overlook several of the political and cultural basis and derivations of social enterprises. Economic and rational explanations are deemed to highpoint narrow strategic or economic aims for the structure and existence of establishments while they may have developed in reaction to wider and more intricate structures (Alter, 2004). Institutional elucidations explore organizational atmospheres to pinpoint changes, which would explain the changes in the manner that community confers legality to organizational languages, forms, practices and values. Environmental changes elucidate the advent of novel organizational systems (Dart & Brenda, 2004). A legitimacy typology suggests accounts and effects for the comprehensive development of social-enterprises as well as for its snowballing emphasis upon the commercial attribute of its description. The least theoretical legitimacy level is 'pragmatic'. On this degree, legitimacy is rendered by stakeholder factions when an endeavor affords something of significance (Heeks & Arun, 2009). Social enterprises are pragmatically legitimate since they reduce organizational financing needs or are an innovative resolution to social hitches. Pragmatic legitimacy is alike to rationalist as well as instrumental descriptions of social-enterprise importance. Nevertheless, pragmatic legitimacy states that legitimization might just as freely originate from social-enterprise clients or investors. This underlines the likelihood that social-enterprise is propelled by investor groups and priorities, which strengthen the traditional social-sector dependency upon investor resources ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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