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Jack Welch leadership principles - Assignment Example

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The study will further explain the impact of this principle to a leader and how those principles considered as strength relate to aspects of emotional intelligence. Additionally, the study will explain specific steps to be employed in order to boast strengths as well as improve areas of development as a leader…
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Jack Welch leadership principles
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Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, situation theory assets that leaders makes the best decision depending on the situation on the ground whereby, different leadership may be adopted in different situations. Contingency theory asserts that there is no one style of leadership can suit in all situations because different situation may call for different leadership styles (Cherry, 2013).
Trait theory asserts that, to be a leader one should possess some special leadership qualities that can help to influence, inspire and motivate others towards meeting the goals and objectives of an organization (Wolinsiki, 2010). In addition, management theory asserts that a leader should be able to supervise and motivate team members by rewarding them accordingly for better performance. Human relation theory asserts that a leader should be able to inspire and motivate members to see the significance of better outcomes. In above connection, participation theory involves encouraging top, middle and lower level employees to participate in decision making process (Cherry, 2013). Therefore, to be efficient and effective, a leader should possess some special traits. This study will put forth the most recent professional roles that one should possess as a leader and principles considered as strength. The study will further explain the impact of this principle to a leader and how those principles considered as strength relate to aspects of emotional intelligence. Additionally, the study will explain specific steps to be employed in order to boast strengths as well as improve areas of development as a leader. Most recent aspects of my professional leadership role and principles strength The most recent aspects of professional leadership include; formulating plans, acting as representative of the entire organization, integrating individual and organization goals, soliciting support, acting as a guide as well communication role. This means that a leader has a role making plans on what to be done in order to avoid confusion and ensure seamless operations within an organization (Cameron & Green, 2008). Additionally, a leader should formulate policies that act as a guide to his or her followers when implementing organization plans. This may help employees to have emotional preparedness on what they are expected to do. In above connection, a leader has a professional role of representing departments and entire organization inside and outside the organization. For example, during leadership seminars a leader should represents the entire organization. Leaders should communicate the objectives and the needs of the entire organization to the employees and other corporate entities. As a leader one should play the role of integrating employees’ personal goals towards implementing organization goals. In above connection, a leader should play the role of soliciting employees in lower levels of management to participate in corporate decision making (Cameron & Green, 2008). Additionally, a leader has a role of communicating organization goals to all employees as well as ensuring there is proper flow of information within all relevant departments. In addition, a leader plays a professional role of practicing three main leadership traits namely: sharing employees feeling, listening to their opinions as well as providing them with a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Jack Welch Leadership Principles Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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