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MGT - Coursework Example

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MANAGEMENT Conflict Handling The conflict that occurred in the movie was as a result of factors such as differences in personality of the characters, the existence of goal incompatibility and also a competitive reward system which made other characters to take advantage of their colleagues An abrasive personality is an individual who is competent at what he does and is also achievement oriented…
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Download file to see previous pages The character David Bunzik does not perfectly fit in this type of personality. But he exhibits some traits of this personality during the argument on the plane which gets him sent to rehab. He however has a boss who exhibits all the traits of an abrasive personality. In the movie has several conflict handling styles are employed especially between David Bunzik and Doctor Buddy. The job responsibilities are clarified so as to reduce the conflicts. The two parties also find ways of coming together in order to foster an understanding amongst them. The two characters result in changing their focus to much larger goals so as to minimize the level of conflict between them. These methods do work since they are able to get through with the therapy and achieve the desired results. I have learnt that there is need to understand the different characters that exist in the work place. Another lesson from the movie is that conflicts which are a part of human interaction can be resolved to enhance coexistence. Managing Teams The team in the movie “Remember the Titans” went through all the stages of group development. First the team underwent formation, a period during which Washington was hired to take over as the coach of the T.C. Williams High School. During this period Washington decides to honor his predecessor (Yoast) with an assistant coordinators position. Patton declines this position at first. During the storming stage, the white players of the team pledge to boycott their team if Yoast does not accept the offer. The athletes are also involved in racial-related conflicts in their camp. After seeing how bad the situation had gotten Yoast decides to accept the offer and at this point the team enters the norming stage. The conflicts are resolved following the rigorous coaching by William. The team enters the performing stage as demonstrated in the scene where even after the loss of their star player, they still go ahead and win the championship. One of the strategies that were employed by the two coaches was that of helping the members of the team to stay together and to view matters as a team. The two coaches were instrumental in creating the rules for the team in order to establish team spirit. The issues that plagued individual members did not escape the two coaches who ensured that they dealt with them firmly. The coaches also celebrated the team’s success. All these actions help in ensuring that a team mentality is developed among the different members of the team. I believe the two coaches handled their team in a very professional manner. If I had been managing the team, I would have sort to grant the team members more autonomy much earlier so as to facilitate the members to develop a sense of responsibility towards the team. The lesson here is that teams are usually built through the tactful use of skill. For the team to achieve its goals, all the members need to play their part. Organizational Culture The organization culture in Enron Corporation that is the subject of the movie is very wanting. The values held by the organization do not uphold upright integrity. This is evident since the management team diverts the corporation’s money to offshore accounts. The lack of integrity is also evident as the executives end up with criminal cases. The executives are also involv ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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MGT Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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