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Decision Making within college life - Term Paper Example

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Lecturer’s Name: Date: Introduction What is decision making? It occurs when an individual has to choose between two or more courses of action. The courses of action may in the end have different outcomes and therefore there may be a ‘correct’ decision and a wrong one…
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Decision Making within college life
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Download file to see previous pages Different courses of actions have different consequences and therefore since one cannot experience all these consequences before making a decision, then one should review previous decisions made and their consequences. Decision making is a process that one must undertake at one point in their life time. This therefore means that we all have to make choices. Decision making can be a very difficult process especially when one is under pressure. Young people especially those at the campus level are faced with various decisions to make within the course of their stay in school. Colleges are attended mostly by people between the ages of 19-25 years and these are the so called years of exploration. It is at this stage in life when one has obtained freedom in terms of not being shackled by parental rules such as curfews. While here, these young minds are at a curious stage in their lives. They want to experiment on what their parents have been shielding from them. It is at this point in life when most young people experiment with drugs, sex and other things. This paper seeks to discuss decision making in campus with the author including personal experiences. Personal Experiences The author will include some of his personal experiences while in campus in order to better understand decision making. Relationships There are very many relationships that are cultivated while in campus; relationships between lecturers and students, lecturers and subordinate staff, students and the administration and students with other students. Some of these relationships are benefitial to the students while others are detrimental. Take for instance relationships between students and lecturers. The relationship formed could be one of a mentor and a mentee. Such relationships could be very fruitful because the lecturer acts as a guardian and is concerned with the all-round life of the student and not its educational aspect only. Compare this with discreet relationships between these two same parties (lecturer and student) which are more sexual in nature. In campus, these are not uncommon relationships which in most cases are initiated by the students in search for better grades not because they deserve them but because they ‘forgot’ to work hard during the year. Degrees or diplomas obtained through such means are referred to as “STDs” which stands for- “Sexually Transmitted Degrees/Diplomas”. When such a student approaches a lecturer in such a manner, wearing skimpily in the hope of seducing him she has made a choice. The question as to whether she has considered the consequences is a different matter. A female student I was well acquainted with decided to pursue such a degree but unknown to her the lecturer was infected by HIV. One day she went for testing and upon discovering that she was positive she became so angry and vowed to take a large number of her fellow students to the grave with her. She went on a revenge mission and slept with around 150 men after she was infected. When on her death bed she relased a list of all the men she had sexual relations with. The list included the names of lecturers, subordinate staff and fellow students. The list was pinned on the notice board. This is one of the examples of detrimental relationships and the female student in this case made a choice to be vengeful. She had other options available to her such as forgiving and forgetting. Attribution Theory This theory was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Decision Making Within College Life Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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