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Select a research topic of your interest and explain relevance of the selected topic. Clearly define how it will benefit the ind - Assignment Example

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INTERNET USAGE Literature Review With the emergence of technology, there are various changes that have taken place in the world. This has affected the way people conduct and run their businesses and has improved businesses to a large extent. In many instances, people tend to indulge technology to assist in smooth running of businesses…
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Select a research topic of your interest and explain relevance of the selected topic. Clearly define how it will benefit the ind
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Extract of sample "Select a research topic of your interest and explain relevance of the selected topic. Clearly define how it will benefit the ind"

Download file to see previous pages This shows that many people in the 21st century are appreciating the rapid development in technology. Therefore, it is an admissible fact that many people that are involved in economic activities have access to technology, which connects people across the globe (Khosrow-Pour, 2006:23). This creates a scenario where businesses have to use technology to improve on their services. As such, they will keep changing their approach to technology. Many people have taken the initiative of taking statistics on how technology is used in the world. These statistics have been influential in ensuring other businesses are not left behind when it comes to technology. Many businesses have been benchmarking technological advancement that is used by other businesses to ensure they are on the verge of making successful impact in the market. The statistics show that the developed countries in the world have appreciated the use of technology to greater heights. Developed countries have massive resources that have been used to improve their indulgence in technology. In most instances, the developing countries invest heavily in companies and firms that are allied to manufacturing technology. As such, they will have an advantage in accessing the technology that is manufactured. Similarly, developed countries have an upper hand in that they manufacture technology in bulk. This gives such countries the advantage of large scale production. As such, the technology will be retailed at lower prices. In the same line, developed countries were on the frontline in researching on the internet usage and its advantages. As such, they were on the frontline in implementing the use of technology in most parts of the economy. These countries go to greater heights in ensuring all businesses are interconnected to each other. This creates a scenario where businesses are in healthy competition in the market. This leads to high quality products offered in the market. Internet users in the developed countries are advanced in that most of the population has access to internet services. The service providers are well established in the market and offer top notch services (Bailey, 2011:10). When the internet service providers are well established in the market, they will offer their services at subsidized prices. This is done to attract a larger demand for their services. Since the internet services are retailed at acceptable and affordable prices. As such, most of the population will feel the need to use the internet services in most of their working. The developing countries have followed the trend of savouring internet use and connection. The developing countries have taken the internet issue seriously and have gone to greater heights in ensuring most of the population are accessible to the internet. Most of the companies that offer the service in the developed countries have taken the initiative of investing in the developing countries. As such, they also give the developing countries priority in service delivery. Apparently, the developing countries have been influential in ensuring the internet development and use is on constant growth. Therefore, the number of people that use the internet has been increasing through the years. Virtually most of the businesses in developing countries have appreciated the need for internet connection and use, as it enhances their businesses. On the other hand, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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