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Immigration Reform and Workers Rights - Essay Example

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In the essay “Immigration Reform and Workers’ Rights” the author discusses the shift of population that is happening to the more developed regions all over the world. There are significant challenges that are emerging in various cities in regards to managing the public system as well as overpopulation…
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Immigration Reform and Workers Rights
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Extract of sample "Immigration Reform and Workers Rights"

Download file to see previous pages Coupled with the ease of access, it has to be mentioned that the evolution of global connectivity has transformed the Earth into a large and single entity. This helps in a great way in the faster spreading of various kinds of globalized trends. With the emergence of markets in the developed as well as developing economies, the opportunities related to personal growth, development and chances of wealth maximization has become highly skewed to various cities around the world, which has become the hotbed of business activity. As a result, it has become a normal trend for the masses located in various regions around the world with low economic prospects to migrate to regions, cities or even nations which promotes a better opportunity for earning a decent living and a satisfactory lifestyle. II. Problems Talking in regards to the shift of population that is happening to the more developed regions all over the world, it can be said that there are significant challenges that are emerging in various cities in regards to managing the public system as well as overpopulation. Talking on this note, it can be said that the United States, which is a hotbed of economic growth and development is facing a tremendous problem in the recent times in regards to the issues of migration of masses from neighboring countries and regions. Discussing the matter in a more crisp manner, it can be said that the United States is facing a significant problem on the lines of Immigration Reform Issue. The Immigration Issue of US has widespread effects on the businesses, government as well as individuals living in the American society. A. The emergence of the problem: It can be said that the present crisis in regards to immigration problems in the US, has a significant association with the nation’s political past. Immigration reform was a major issue in the year 200 as the US economy was growing and the unemployment rate was low. The push coming from Immigration supporting group along with the existence of loopholes in the immigration law resulted in the process of emergence of a temporary solution. With the change of economic scenario of the nation in the recent times, the temporary solution has snowballed into a major crisis [1]. B. Problem Associated with Immigration Reform: It has to be said that there are critical problems that are associated with the root of immigration reforms. It has to be said that large majority of the immigrant population are illegal and poor immigrants with scanty education. If the reform is being passed on the favor of providing nationality, serious issues might be faced by the nation because of the inability of the migrant population to commute in English, as well as their ability to pay taxes [2]. C. Abuse by employers: Given the demographic background of the migrating population, it has to be said that the American employers provide random visa programs to generate their own benefits. This results in abuse of the migrant working population which further triggers the need for an immigration reform [3]. III. Proposed Solution It has to be said that a solution to the immigration problem is very necessary. However, while designing the solution, the issues of visa abuse as well as the problems of migration reforms need to be addressed properly so as to prevent further bouncing of the same issues in the near future.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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