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An abstract or introduction In this project, students were given an RFP that sought to redesign corporate identity and strategies for Invest Toronto, which is one of Ontario Business Corporations founded in 2008. The objective of this project was to demonstrate value to its shareholders and stakeholders, while operating as an arms-length development corporation within public policy framework…
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Design Management Research Report
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Download file to see previous pages Mostly we focused on qualitative and quantitative research on our client company, and conducted competitor analysis to get a better understanding of the client company and the industry. Furthermore, we adopted Psychographic research about the company’s value, color theory, and competitor analysis to get insight into the problems of current company’s logo and strategies. In addition, we carried out case studies to find out how other companies successfully approached similar projects and how they obtained the best results. Project overview- According to the 2010 annual report of Invest Toronto, the logo is “The fresh, modern and energetic branding that will serve and invest as well as the story teller for our vibrant city.” However, we found that the logo has heavily focused on visualizing the city of the company rather than express the company’s values or objectives. A logo for a brand represents and distinguishes itself from others as an image, and the right corporate identification makes it easier for the company to achieve its business objectives. The right consumer experience with a corporate identity helps them to choose the company when it comes down to a decision. Therefore, setting up a clear and positive corporate identity especially for a company in its earliest stages of development, such as Invest Toronto is very important. To achieve this, the company requires a corporate identity that reflects its value, ethics, future and principles, and one that gives a strong positive visual experience of the company. Since among the company’s objectives and roles is attracting foreign companies to Invest Toronto, the logo should be understood by people from different cultures and give a positive image to them as well. We also conducted research on the client company, and found that there was lack of consistency in terms of brand identity. The use of different background logo colors in different social media might confuse viewers and alleviate planting of a clear visual representation of company to its audiences. Thus, when creating a corporate identity, there should be a strong, clear branding system and marketing strategies that expose the company to the public more. Description of the client company Invest Toronto is the primary business, sales and marketing corporation for the City of Toronto and was organized by Toronto City Council in September 2008, Invest Toronto's initial Directors Board was confirmed by Toronto City Council on February 24, 2009. There are fifteen board of directors since the company is at the starting stages it has about thirty employees are under Renato Discenza the CEO and President of Invest Toronto. The city is the sole shareholder of Invest Toronto and the former has set up the business objectives for the company, which corresponded to its interests. Precedents/ case studies 1British Columbia Lottery Corporation: The rebranding of the British Columbia Lottery Corporation in 2011 was one of the most recent successful rebranding measures similar to the rebranding of Invest Toronto, since British Colombia Lottery Corporation is closely connected to Provincial Government of British Colombia since its establishment. Considering the requirement of understanding gambling industry, the advertising agency, Cossette, had to look into the Government, media, and public review to fulfill the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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