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Strategy of Florida National University - Term Paper Example

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The paper presents the Florida National University, which located in the city of Hialeah, was started in 1988, first as the Florida International Institute, which then transformed into Florida National College in 1989, and later changed into Florida National University in early 2012…
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Strategy of Florida National University
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Extract of sample "Strategy of Florida National University"

Download file to see previous pages Florida National University has a mission of contributing to the education of a diverse population, which is made up of a large percentage of Hispanic culture. In doing this, the University seeks to ensure that students are well prepared for gainful employment, through assisting them to advance in the careers of their interest, while at the same time ensuring that the requisite skills and knowledge is imparted on the students, to enhance their competitiveness in the world of employment. To achieve this, the University has worked to control the size of the classes, while also providing the necessary facilities that will not only facilitate the attainment of quality education by the students but also foster advancement in modern technology (Alonso, 2013).
In line with serving the interest of the society, Florida National University also offers cultural programs that develop the societal-cultural values of the community. SWOT analysis for Florida National University Strengths Despite having started two decades ago, Florida National University was declared a fully-fledged University only early last year. This notwithstanding, there are several strengths that are associated with Florida National University. First, the University has equipped itself with the state of the art facilities, which enables students to undertake their learning in a favorable environment (Alonso, 2013). This does not only serve to support the students in their career development, but also serves to enhance their competitiveness in the world of employment, since they are taught under a modernized technology environment.
The University has several vital educational facilities, which include a language lab, a media center, a dental lab, an X-ray lab, a computer lab and a medical lab (Alonso, 2013). These facilities are aimed at facilitating the smooth and effective learning of the students, while also ensuring that they are well equipped with sufficient knowledge and skills that make them competent professionals in the fields of their careers. Another of the strengths of Florida National University is the fact that it specializes in small class teaching (Alonso, 2013). This is vital since it ensures that the students are well attended to by their lecturers since the lecturer is not overburdened and overwhelmed by the class population. This is a major milestone towards ensuring that the University produces competent graduates, since they have had sufficient assistance from the lecturers during their tenure at the university, and thus are well imparted with the requisite career knowledge and skills.
Additionally, the Florida National University has a strength in the fact that it seeks to enrich the society which it serves, through developing cultural programs that are aimed at fostering the cultural values of that society (Alonso, 2013). This becomes one of the strengths of the University since such an initiative reinforces the relationship existing between the institution and the surrounding community, through absorbing and enriching the community’s cultural value. The major weakness associated with the Florida National University is the fact that it only offers few programs, more so at the degree and Masters Level, and none at all for the higher levels such as the doctorate. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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