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Apple Inc. 01/18/2013 Apple Inc. Communication  Communications at Apple Inc. is simple, lucid, intriguing, and sober. The pioneer in Apple Inc’s success is its minimalist and simple communications. Apple Inc. does not recruit famous actors as Andie MacDowell who is for L’Oreal or George Clooney “No Martini, No Party” TV advertisements…
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Apple Inc. 01/18 Apple Inc. Communication  Communications at Apple Inc. is simple, lucid, intriguing, and sober. The pioneer in Apple Inc’s success is its minimalist and simple communications. Apple Inc. does not recruit famous actors as Andie MacDowell who is for L’Oreal or George Clooney “No Martini, No Party” TV advertisements. It has a unique style of communication. In Print, TV, and online ads Apple has a distinctive style of communications. In packaging also Apple’s strategy is a differentiated one. It increases rate of Apple among others. The communications at Apple is divided into Online and Offline. Online Communication is carried out by communication managers at Apple Inc by Search Engine Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Blog and Forum Marketing, and also Social Network Marketing. The Offline Communications at Apple Inc is made up of Press Advertisements, Outdoor Advertisements, Press Releases, Press Conferences, TV Advertisements, and Sponsorship (Team, 2009). Leadership Steve Jobs believed in trait theory for Apple Inc. The main objectives of Leadership Theory are that people learn via learning and experience. Apple is well-recognized for its innovation and learning process because of the fabulous management style Steve Jobs set for Apple Inc. Also at Apple Inc, persistence is the key goal Apple Corporation believes in. Everybody works with self-determination and perseverance and that was the key to the takeover of NeXT by Apple. Leadership at Apple under the guidance of Steve Jobs has set a foundation for Apple to learn from setbacks and to learn from these setbacks. The innovation at Apple brings leadership. Due to Job’s amazing leadership style, Apple is still innovating and the innovative power of Apple Inc. takes the market today even (Pressman, Pietrzyk & Schneider, 2011). Mentoring and modeling of leadership  If anyone wants to maintain leadership so he or she has to come up with new initiatives and ideas so that the mission f organization is carried forward in whichever industry a person is. The continuous innovation with the mission will always keep the organization ahead of all in market. Apple Inc. has also developed an internal program of leadership development which is based mostly on building an everlasting pipeline of leaders who can comprehend the way Apple does business. Over the course of six years, Apple has consistently asked its HR professionals and leaders what were the top challenges of Apple Inc. and tell the management about the ‘leadership development’ and ‘how to build on leadership skills’ at Apple which is a winning element for Apple. Companies, such as Apple, who invest continuously in their leadership mentoring and modeling always, outshine others in the market (Bersin, 2011). Leadership Challenges Apple faces many leadership challenges today. The organization is going through a transition of leadership that creates uncertainty for its future operations. Steve Jobs, the CEO and founder of Apple died and company will have to strive hard to survive its leadership position in the market without him. Steve Jobs was the man who was an amazing man with an objective, a vision for the company, who was aware of the technology, the art, the market, and he was the one who could amalgamate all products into innovative products to set Apple Inc as the leading technology product maker. But, Steve Jobs made sure before his death that he was able to transfer the message of Apple’s existence, its purpose, and aim to its followers and employees. Today, however Apple is facing a tremendous challenge to find such a charismatic leader as Steve for its operations (Mourdoukoutas, 2011) Leadership across cultures  Strategic Collaborations, as Steve Jobs desired for Apple Inc. need Leadership across culture. It plays a vital role in collaborations. It is embedded in heart of business and also processes built upon them. It is about allowing and also facilitating different teams to take part in a positive way to create a scope for ‘creative conflict’ to give confidence to new ideas generation, new dimensions exploration, and reduction of risks creation and canalization of a good channel for correct implementation of ideas generation. Apple Inc is a U.S. Electronic market but if it wants to become a good international company in all over the globe so it has to change its leadership style for Asian markets or markets abroad, basically the Japanese market as it is the largest electronic market in Asian countries. Apple is the company which relies on innovations for its operations and innovative new products for its survival. To do this, Apple Inc has to maintain a unique and innovative leadership style for its employees’ collaboration. It has to bring together the uniqueness which is gained by cultural diversity at Apple Inc (Reddy, 2012). Bibliography Bersin, J. (2011, February 18). toda'ys new models for leadership development. Retrieved from Mourdoukoutas, P. (2011, October 05). Apple's four challenges. Retrieved from Pressman, H., Pietrzyk, A., & Schneider, J. (2011). (bersin, 2011). Retrieved from Reddy, S. (2012, February 03). Gaining collaborative advantage. Retrieved from Team, . V. (2009). Apple communication analysis. Retrieved from Read More
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Apple_Inc_Week_5 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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