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MANAGEMENT (Name) (Institutional Affiliation) (Date) Abstract This discussion focuses on ten questions based on strategy and the week’s discussion groups; each question is indicated as a discussion in relation to the numbers on the question sheet. Question one describes the reason why strategy may be viewed as a scientific and art process while the second question provides the differences between intended and emergent strategy…
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Journal (Answer All questions)
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Download file to see previous pages Consequently, describes strategic management as question eight provides the similarities and the differences between military and business strategies. The second last question, describes strategic analysis, development and implementation; the last question provides my experience in relation to the group work. Discussion one Strategies are driven by numerical figures and wide extent of research and analysis of the results; the results are not based on biases, personal opinions or even individual/group’s perception but rather on the tested or expected outcomes. The idea of numerical figures and research in the formulation of strategies at organizational or individual level bring in the scientific dimension of strategies. Additionally, strategies may be considered as an art or craft owing to the fact that it is a tool applied at various managerial facets and it involves the formulation, instrumentation and the examination of various processes geared towards achieving certain goals (Johnson et al, 2011). Discussion two Intended strategy applies to myriad organizational dimensions; it involves undertaking deliberate planning and execution of the planned courses of actions. In some occasions it may also be referred as deliberate strategy for instance humanitarian organization may formulate tools that will enable them deliver specific forms of assistance to victims of a disaster or industries may develop tools that will enable them fit in a competitive market. Tools used in intended strategy may include; objectives, visions as well as the application of a SWOT analysis process to enhance the achievement of the desired goal (Cooper, 2007). On the other hand, emergent strategies encompass a framework of actions arise over time in the process of implementing organizational plans without intended missions, objectives as well as visions. According to Mintzberg, it is described as ‘a realized pattern that was not intended’. For instance; an organization may realize certain imperative actions that may develop in the process of their operation which may also facilitate the achievement of their goals. Discussion Three The learning school strategy is among the ten schools of strategy; it is based on the idea that strategy is a tool that develops in the process of acquiring new ideas and skills concerning various organizational facets. For instance; an organization may be faced by various challenges in the process of its operation however, new ideas may emerge in the process that may assist in creating a solution to the problem (Bhatt, 2005). The other school of strategy is the position strategy that was developed by Michael Porter who believed that strategy is ascribed to the position of individual in a certain situation or the position of an organization in a certain market scenario which will influence its courses of action. For example; a high demand of commodities in the market may force an organization or an industry to raise the prices of its commodities (Bhatt, 2005). Discussion Four A strategist is a person with the intellectual capacity and skills to formulate a method through the combination of various ideas and perception in order to ensure that certain specific desired goals are achieved. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Journal (Answer All Questions) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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