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The benefits of employees embracing and understanding the employers CORE values - Research Paper Example

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Benefits of Core Values to an Organization Name Institution Date Introduction Every organization has a purpose it operates and the goal it works to achieve. In order to achieve its goals, it has values that it observes to form the platform on which tasks and work, also employees code of conduct…
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The benefits of employees embracing and understanding the employers CORE values
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Download file to see previous pages When employees understand the company core values, they prove aligned with the company’s objectives. Values are long-term drive for mission and goal achievement. When these values are well formulated, stated, and understood, they make a business prosper. Concisely, values have played inevitable roles in a company such as, guiding business processes, articulation what the company stands for, governing and controlling employees relationships and guiding the organization on how to reward employees and the society as a whole (Rossenfield, 2009). They also offer guidelines on how to teach and train employees and decision-making. Values are thus key aspects for every organization focused towards organizational goals and objects as they contribute significantly to these. Benefits of core value It is arguable that, a company with well-set and understood cores value performs excellently. This is for the reason that, the working atmosphere is restricted by those principles; processes are conceded out within the standards. This makes sure that employees remain focused on the mission of the company. As a result, assets are well utilized, and high profits are acknowledged. When employees understand and work within the company value, they feel that their working environment is favorable. As such, the employee will show their increased interest to work for the organization for a long time (Blanchard, 2009). In return, there is talent retention and prospective employees with new talents and technology would be very willing to join such an organization. When a company has high employees’ retention, it cuts down on costs associated with recruiting and retraining new employees. Furthermore, core values persuade best people into a company by attracting, advancing, and maintaining the excellent personnel. Values test employees and consequently subject them to a constructive approach towards tribulations and decision-making processes. When employees identify with and hold on to the core values, customers are happy and willing to be linked with the company. As a result, customers have a propensity to purchase more, purchase time after time, and even share the experience amongst friends who come to purchase to have a feel of the company. This tightens the connection between the customer and the business hence a long-term bond between the company and the customers. This guarantees client value formation by remaining receptive and focused to customer needs and value delivery (Rossenfield, 2009). Core values ensure that there is one global network and a standard product. For example, if a company has several branches or outlets, these core values are applicable to all its outlets, therefore, maintaining a standard product quality and services (Blanchard, 2009). This creates a condition whereby customers experience exceptional service. In addition, core values govern employees’ personal relationships as they lay the platform on how interactions are to be done. The explanation of this is that the set code of conduct in the company helps create a healthy relationship. When employees behave as expected, chances of conflicts are minimal, eventually helping each of them to present their expected results towards the company’s growth. The management have smooth running because theirs is a clear cut on how employees should respond to their supervisors therefore, it enhances obedience and respect in a company. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Benefits of Employees Embracing and Understanding the Employers Research Paper.
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