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Investigation and evaluation of Organisation Value Strategies and how these are supported by modern Technology - Dissertation Example

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Investigation and evaluation of Organisation Value Strategies and how these are supported by modern Technology Declaration I hereby declare that the research proposal titled ‘Investigation and evaluation of Organisation Value Strategies and how these are supported by modern Technology’ is my original work and has been carried out by me…
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Investigation and evaluation of Organisation Value Strategies and how these are supported by modern Technology
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Extract of sample "Investigation and evaluation of Organisation Value Strategies and how these are supported by modern Technology"

Download file to see previous pages Any other person who uses this work should acknowledge it accordingly. Student's Signature: Date: Contents Introduction The success of an organization is highly dependent on its values and strategies used to attain those values. For an organization to be competitive, it must have a well- established business strategy that will be pivotal in helping it achieve its values. Values are the ones that guide the activities of organizations. Values can be defined as the good or worthwhile traits and qualities within the organization. They are indicators of the highest priorities of the organization. They are the ones that drive the organization towards achieving its objectives. Within an organization, value statements dictate the manner with which individuals will behave. It is worth noting that the behaviour of individuals has an impact on the performance of the organization. In addition, the way individuals behave with each other could be a motivating factor for employees. Organizational suggests the value that the organization has put on customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders. Some of the most common values that can be embraced in an organization are; individuality, equality, responsibility, accountability, loyalty, credibility and honesty among others. The list of values that organizations can adopt is endless (Stein & Christiansen, 2010). Strategies can be defined as the approaches that the organization uses to achieve its values, goals and objectives. Developing strategies is very critical for any organization since this will draw the path through which the organization will attain its future success. Managers should invest enough time in defining the strategies that the organization will use to accomplish its values. For instance, value accomplishment can be facilitated by empowering employees. Employees have the ability to give the organization a competitive advantage. They are the once who facilitate the achievement of organizational goals and therefore they should be empowered. In the wake of the 20th century, technology has been advancing at a higher rate as compared to any other time in the past. Modern technology has the ability to support organizational value strategies. It offers a number of options that can be used as strategies to achieve its values. For instance, consumer value can be attained through innovation (Stein & Christiansen, 2010). In addition, accountability and loyalty can also be attained through innovation. Innovation is the lifeblood of today’s organizations. Organizations need to be highly innovative for them to survive in the economic environment. It is very difficult for any business to make it today without being innovative. Each of the businesses wants to have a large share of the market to maximize its revenue and therefore has to be creative in order to attract customers. Technology has led to emergence of businesses being conducted online which help in supporting the organizational value strategies. Modern technology is essential in supporting the organizational value strategies since it enables an organization to improve its innovation capability and hence gain a competitive advantage (Matheson & Matheson, 1998). Over the last couple of decades, academicians have focused their attention to modern technology. They evaluate how the technology can be used to help the organization attain a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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