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Business assessment - Assignment Example

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Name of student: Topic: Lecturer: Date of Presentation: TABLE OF CONTENTS CONTENTS PAGE 1. Introduction 3 Purpose of the Report 3 Scope of the Report 3 Organizational Background 3 2. Organization Structure and Design 4 Types of Structure 4 Factors Affecting Design and Structure 6 Organization Design 7 3…
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Business assessment
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Download file to see previous pages Recommendations 15 8. References 16 9. Appendix 19 1.0 Introduction Purpose of the Report The purpose of this report is to provide a critical comparative analysis of two organisations in the way they are operated and managed. This is to help us in discovering what causes success or failure for organisations and how different organisations adapt to dynamic environment. Organisations not flexible enough to adapt to the environment are unable to attract and retain talented employees or take advantage of available opportunities hence cannot achieve organisational effectiveness. Scope of the Report To analyse the operation and management of the two organisations the report will consider how they are structured and designed so as to show the interrelationships between roles and departments and lines of authority. Secondly, report will cover organisation of work especially the use of teams and team working. Thirdly, it will analyse the approaches to leadership and management adopted by the organisations as this determines their success or failure. The report will then analyse the organisational culture and its impact on the organisations operations and lastly, conclusions and recommendations will be made on how to improve operations and management. Organisations Background Biogenta is a manufacturing company producing crop-protection products and whose mission is to be the most trusted provider of crop-protection products in the world. It has manufacturing facilities in 10 countries and employees in over 80 countries. Contrary to popular belief that large size companies are bureaucratic in nature, Biogenta has an organic structure and a matrix design where individuals belong to a functional area and a project team. The chief executive officer, Jane Morgan is an effective leader and manager whose encouragement of creativity and innovation has pushed the company to greater heights. The company has a very strong culture which emphasizes on learning and development, diversity and corporate social responsibility. Outback Inc is a traditional organisation run by family members. It offers tourism services to wide range of clients and operates in a very turbulent environment. Being a small organisation, it is expected to have an organic structure but instead, it is bureaucratic in nature with a functional design and little or no teamwork. Creativity and innovation is hindered by its autocratic leadership style. The company has no vision or mission and has a high turnover culture due to lack of opportunity for advancement and employee voice. 2.0 Organisational Design and Structure Benowitz (2011, p.70) defines an organization structure as “the configuration and interrelationships of positions and departments”. An organisation design on the other hand, is the change of an organization structure to enable it to respond effectively to environmental changes. A poor organization design and structure can lead to lack of co-ordination among functions, slow decision making, and role confusion (Corkindale, 2011). Types of Organisation structure An organisation structure is determined by the degree of complexity, formalisation, and centralisation. Complexity reflects the amount of differentiation in an organisation; formalisation shows the degree to which an organisation uses rules and procedures to direct behaviour while centralisation reflects how power and authority is distributed in an organisation. Gitman and McDaniel (2008) recognise two kinds of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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