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Planning a Job Fair 1. Planning and Team Categorization First of all the management team should be divided into certain categories according to individual’s interest and capabilities. This is necessary for efficient management. Management team should be divided into various categories such as advertising, coordination and logistics…
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Planning a Job Fair
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Planning a Job Fair Planning and Team Categorization First of all the management team should be divided into certain categories according to individual’s interest and capabilities. This is necessary for efficient management. Management team should be divided into various categories such as advertising, coordination and logistics. The team should then plan the whole event step by step. 2. Listing and Contacting Organizations First thing to do after the categorization of the team is to assign them their tasks. The first task is to create a database of all the respectable organizations that can be the potential employers of the students. After finalizing the list the team should contact all the organizations from that list. The details of the job fair must be communicated effectively to the organizations and companies. 3. Confirmations From Organizations Receiving confirmations from all the organizations can take up a lot of time that is why it is necessary to contact the organizations as soon as possible. 4. Compiling Resume Book While awaiting confirmation the team should collect the resumes from all the interested students to prepare a resume book. This book must be printed in advance so that adequate numbers of these books are available at the event. 5. Advertising Immediately after receiving the confirmations from these organizations, the management must start to prepare for and advertise the event. Advertisement is the second task. The event should be advertised properly so that the whole student body is aware of the job fair. The advertisement should contain the names of all the organizations, date and timings. This advertisement can be done through email or print media. These activities constitute the preliminary preparations for the event. 6. Planning layout of the event The coordination team in collaboration with the logistics department should plan the event so that actual layout of the job fair can be organized. The design of the job fair should accommodate all the organizations that have been invited. The outline of the plan should be available to the logistics department in the form of a diagram. This diagram must illustrate all the booths and companies that are to be assigned to each booth. This can be done by numbering the booths in the layout of the fair. To assist the student body, the planned layout of the job fair should be communicated to the students so that they may become aware of the booths that every company has been assigned and to make it easier for the guests to spot the desks or booths, they should be numbered in a proper order. 7. Logistical Requirements Now the main responsibility is of the logistics department. Their responsibility consists of various tasks. They must book the place or area of the event in advance. They will have to make all arrangements from for lighting and furniture and if the budget allows, they can also arrange for snacks and tea to be served at the job fair. The team should make these arrangements in advance so that all the issues that can arise can be dealt beforehand. 8. Executing the event The department should hire labor to arrange the set up one to two day before the event. The department members themselves must supervise the set up so that there is nothing missing for the stalls. These booths must be numbered and the number of these booths should be same number as the number of organizations invited on the job fair. All the booths must have tables and chairs and any other specification that the companies asked for. On the day of the event, before the fair starts, all the representatives of organizations must be guided to their respective booths. The whole management team must be present on the day of the event to assist the representatives in any way possible. The representatives should be given adequate time to set up the stalls according to their specifications if any. The event should run smoothly as there will not be any expected issues. The guests and representatives should be served with snacks and tea. The event should proceed in a way that the representation of the invited organization should be willing to come again. The management team should try to establish ties with the presenters. All the volunteers, the management and the representatives of the organizations should be thanked properly after the event. After the fair, labor should be available to pack up the set up. The management of the fair should prepare a report regarding any unexpected issues that arose during the course of the fair. This report can come in handy for job fair arrangements in the future. Work Breakdown Structure Task Weeks Responsible Team 1. Planning and Team Categorization 1.1 Meeting with RMA 1.2 Crafting blueprint 1.3 Naming teams and assigning tasks 1 .14 .14 .71 Student Association Head of Student Association Event manager President of Association 2. Contacting Potential Employers 2.1 Organizing yellow pages 2.2 Calling through University number 2 .5 .5 Coordination Team Coordination Team University receptionist 3. Collecting Resumes for Resume Book 3.1 Examining and organizing student directory 3.2 Organizing resumes received through advertisements 3.3 Formatting resumes with permission 3 1 1 1 Advertising Collective effort of advertising team Same Same 4. Advertising the event via email and print 4.1 Disseminating emails 4.2 Holding advertisement stands in University corridors and grounds 6 1 5 Advertising Media team Speakers (Student Association) 5. Preparing a Map of the job fair 5.1 Surveying University premises 5.2 Clearing any area that is potential ‘table’ 3 1.5 1.5 Logistics and Coordination Group work Group work 6. Booking and Arranging for all the Logistics 6.1 Allotting spaces for cafe vendors for refreshments 6.2 Designing and erecting exit and entrance 1 .5 .5 Logistics Team work Team work 7. Event Execution 7.1 Supervising the setup of the fair 7.2 Guiding the representatives and students during the event 1 .5 .5 The whole Management Team Regional Management Head of Student Association Gantt chart Task Description Weeks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 Planning and Team Categorization 100%                       2 Listing and Contacting Organizations   100%                   3 Receiving Confirmations from Companies       100%             4 Advertising             100% 5 Compiling Resume Book       100%             6 Job fair layout planning             100%           7 Booking Logistical Requirements               100%         8 Arrangement of the Event                       100% Read More
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