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How Knowledge-Management Repositories are Used within Organizations - Essay Example

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MANAGEMENT Abstract In this turbulent environment business is not only about distributing the products on the market and selling them to the customers. It is about distributing the right product to the right customer and also at the right time and place. However such precision can only be achieved when an organization has a sound data warehousing and storage systems…
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How Knowledge-Management Repositories are Used within Organizations
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Download file to see previous pages Apart from that the essay will also highlight on the various types of storage systems. Finally the report will shed light on the advantages of the mentioned storage systems Table of Contents Introduction 4 Data Warehousing 5 Types of Storage system 6 References 8 Introduction Knowledge management can be defined as the set of methods that are responsible for arrangement, distribution, and deployment of knowledge. Knowledge management has a long history; however the form of knowledge management was different from time to time. Knowledge management is a broader topic and plays a significant role in today’s age of information technology. It hugely impacts the action we perform and the decision we make, as both are influenced by some form of knowledge. According to Thomas Bertels knowledge management can be defined as the management or supervision of the organization in the context of continuous regeneration of knowledge. Incorporating information technology within the organization, circulation of knowledge and developing the structure of organization are the examples of knowledge management (The knowledge management forum, n.d.). Thus knowledge management can be portrayed as the capability to manage knowledge. These days organizations have also started to view ‘knowledge’ as a type of resource. ...
Such activities are principally carried out to preserve knowledge assets of the organization and also to facilitate group working. The next half of the report will present a brief description about data warehousing. Data Warehousing Data warehousing is the process by which an organization stores its historical data in a structured form, so that it can be used further. Data warehousing can be defined as the set of techniques, methods and tools that are employed to offer support to the knowledge workers such as managers, directors, and analysts. The primary function of a data warehousing is to facilitate availability of information which further helps in the process of decision making and also for enhancing informational resources. William H. Inmon defined data warehouse as an integrated, non volatile, issue oriented collection of data which helps in the decision making process of the management (Inmon, 2005, p. 32). Data warehouse is the base storage location, which contains data from a number of sources and then transforms it into a multi dimensional and informational model that can be used for the process of querying and investigation. A data ware house also holds the capability to carry out many activities. For example a training manager from an organization may ask ‘what are the best possible orientations for a newly recruited employee?’ Apart from that personnel from administration department may ask ‘which particular strategy is more likely to get success in the market place’. Each of the aforementioned questions needs information pertaining to the area of research and this information instigates from the data warehouse. In general, on regular basis information the operational systems are imported and extracted in the data ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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