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Management of Information System at Cellular Inc - Case Study Example

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This study explores the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) for Cellular Inc. The problem within Cellular Inc. can be best represented through BPMN models which can illustrate the problems the customer encounters while placing and receiving an order for the iGizmo cellular phone…
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Management of Information System at Cellular Inc
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Download file to see previous pages The company must ensure that its website provides adequate details. For example, the prices of various products must be displayed on the website, including promotions for each product. The credit that the company’s customers are to be given should also be provided on the site. This is to ensure that the customers get adequate information on a product before they make an order. Company websites must provide their clients with timely and sufficient information before the online transaction process is commenced. It is important for companies to ensure that the decisions of customers are informed (Rauniar, 2009). The company must, therefore, ensure that its website is updated frequently so that details such as promotions of a product are altered once the promotion is over. This would prevent situations where clients are misled about the details of a product which they desire to purchase online.
The website must also be designed for efficiency so that clients are not forced to reenter their details again when there is a problem with the order. Customers should also be able to change information as necessary such as the billing or shipping address. The solutions which would lead to the efficiency and effectiveness of the website include website design and development which is aimed at ensuring that all the needs of the customers are met. The updating of the website will involve the website manager who must coordinate with the sales and marketing departments on a daily basis so that updates on the product details can be acquired and changed within the site as necessary.
The communication issues within the customer support division should be improved. This could be achieved through the implementation of an efficient communication process where the customers are not expected to hold on the telephone for a long time. Moreover, the customers must be directed appropriately and efficiently to the customer support professional who understands the problem the customer is experiencing. More importantly, the crediting process of the online transactions must ensure that the customer is charged according to the order. Promotion prices and credit for the company’s loyal customers should also be considered during the crediting and billing processes. It has been revealed that companies which are efficient in the customer support and online transaction processes experience increased consumer confidence and hence the loyalty of the customer (Ouyang, 2008). The company has a problem with the transaction system. This is evident by the problems the customer encounters while trying to make payments. The problem with the online transaction system is the duplication of the shipping address field which does not cater to those who would like the delivery to be made to a different location. After a long process of trying to credit the customer’s card, Robbie says that it was not possible because of the cancellation of the transaction by the client earlier on. These illustrations reveal that the company has a serious problem with its online transaction system which needs to be addressed urgently. This is important because poor transaction processes and the inefficiency related to this are likely to make the customers lose their confidence in the company. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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