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: the Home Depot Company - Case Study Example

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Company Analysis Name Instructor Task Date The generic competitive strategy that is utilized by the Home Depot Company is mainly focused on customer service and the provision of quality products to the customer. According to the 2010 annual report, the company continually invested in the business and introduced new technologies that serve to improve the customer service experience…
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Case Study: the Home Depot Company
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Download file to see previous pages The final competitive strategy is focus on efficient capital allocation procedures that ensure the continued satisfaction of shareholders and stakeholders in the business, expense control, and maximizing shareholder returns. The target customers for Home Depot are divided into four main groups for the effective attainment of the company’s strategy. The first group of target customers is Do-it-yourself (DIY) customers (Home Depot, 2010). This means that the company focuses home-owners who prefer to purchase the company’ products and perform their own installations and configurations for the products. The second group of target customers is Do-it-for-me customers, or customers who acquire the company’s products then get a different person to configure, install and complete the projects. The company works with these groups of target customer by collaborating with independent contractors to perform the services needed by the customers. The last, and probably biggest group of customers, are professional customers, who engage the services of The Home Depot for the provision of their needs. This group of customers includes repair people, remodelers, business owners, and a host of other professional customers who seek professional service. ...
The main threats that these two companies pose is the threat of market share capitalization, which refers to the percentage of the market that the company controls. In the consumer market industry, a company has to utilize an effective competitive strategy to ensure that the clients of the company services remain loyal to the company. Therefore, the threats posed by the main rivals to The Home Depot’s operations include threat of customer separation and loss of market share. The Home Depot Year ended Measure 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 Sales 67997 66176 71288 77349 79022 77019 73094 64816 58247 C.O.G.S 44693 43764 47298 51352 52476 51081 48664 44236 40139 C.O.G.S as %of Sales 0.657 0.661 0.663 0.664 0.664 0.663 0.666 0.682 0.689 Net Income 3338 2661 2260 4395 5761 5838 5001 4304 3664 Net Income as % of Sales 0.049 0.04 0.032 0.057 0.073 0.076 0.068 0.066 0.063 Debt 8708 8662 9667 11383 11643 10236 2148 856 5917 Equity 18889 19393 17777 17714 25030 26909 24158 22407 8302 Debt-to-Equity 0.461 0.447 0.544 0.643 0.465 0.38 0.089 0.038 0.713 Stock Price Lowe Companies Inc. Year ended 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 Sales 48815 47220 48230 48283 46927 43243 36464 30838 26112 C.O.G.S 31663 30757 31729 31556 30279 28453 24208 21269 18465 C.O.G.S as %of Sales 0.649 0.651 0.658 0.654 0.645 0.658 0.664 0.69 0.707 Net Income 2010 1783 2195 2809 3105 2765 2167 1822 1485 Net Income as % of Sales 0.041 0.038 0.046 0.058 0.066 0.064 0.059 0.059 0.057 Debt 6537 4528 5039 5576 4325 3499 3060 3678 3736 Equity 18112 19069 18055 16098 15725 14296 11498 10188 8226 Debt-to-Equity 0.361 0.237 0.279 0.346 0.275 0.245 0.266 0.361 0.454 Stock price 25.08 23.39 21.52 22.62 31.15 33.33 28.8 27.7 18.75 From the data analysis ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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