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Factors Influencing Adult, Learning in Technology Based Firm - Essay Example

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This paper stresses that the changing dynamics of the workforce the decline of the age of the baby bloomers, the increase in the number of the women employees and other factors have contributed to the ever burgeoning necessity for the development of viable adult learning model.  …
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Factors Influencing Adult, Learning in Technology Based Firm
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Download file to see previous pages From this discussion it is clear that the teachers or modern practitioners have concluded that there are two different types of teaching methodology, in the andragogic approach; which based on teaching drawn from the experience of the participants and the pedagogic approach. Here the teachings are based completely on the prerogative of the teacher. Studies have proven that in order for an adult to learn, he/she must have the necessary atmosphere. This is necessary because, with the increase in the age, the experiential learning tends to increase, so does the tendency to relate to past happenings of the same vein. As the study highlights the program tended to put the ideas of adult learning into test and understand the impact and the effect of the same. The program had all the attributes, like modularity, easy approach and peripheral qualities. It was designed for the middle level Managers who had around five to seven years of experience and could base their learning on the experiences.  At the end of the program, when the evaluation was asked, they gave flowing tributes about various instructors and their way of teaching, a critical evaluation is made to understand the various facets of the program and the cumulative impact on the behavior of the participants. The structural base of the learning is modular and the learning is self directed, the onus of the learning process lies in the hand of the participants as they principally drive the class....
In the andragogic model, the participant’s views are taken into account (Gadamer et al., 2004). The structural base of the learning is modular and the learning is self directed, the onus of the learning process lies in the hand of the participants as they principally drive the class. There is a high amount of emphasis on setting up the adequate type of physical and psychological climate for the learning to happen. The auxiliary factors would include the proper learning environment, the emphasis on self directed learning. During the course of the program, the students were given the complete freedom to express their ideas and discuss them in the relevant groups (Garvin, 2000). There was a general transfer of the attitudes, values and ideas of the groups. Due to the modularization of the study, it became easier to complete the contents. The relevance on the level of ensuing entertainment is also extremely high, with a lot of the emphasis being laid on making the learning process more enjoyable in nature (Hayes et al., 1998) The students were given a lot of chances to explain their own experiences from the various facets of the personal and professional experience to augment the learning process. Therefore, looking at all the attributes, the methodology that was followed here was andragogic in nature. MODEL OF STUDY AND ITS SUBJECTIVE EVALUATION One of the models that have been used here for the purpose of studying the organizational learning is the pedagogical model. This particular model is basically an unidirectional model with the emphasis being on the delivery of the appropriate learning material and the instructors (teachers) (Tsang, 1997). This is mainly because of the fact that this model is unilaterally ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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