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Managing Entrepreneur Growth - Essay Example

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The essay entitled "Managing Entrepreneur Growth" dwells on the concept of entrepreneur growth. Admittedly, the current age has been marked as the age of technology, innovation, resilience, and globalization. Thus, the businesses are growing and moving ahead for further advancements and progress…
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Managing Entrepreneur Growth
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Extract of sample "Managing Entrepreneur Growth"

Download file to see previous pages The interviewed entrepreneur, Raif, gave confident opinions and answers in order to confirm the theory. According to the theory of entrepreneurial growth, he gave the idea of being a good entrepreneur and a democratic leader. This has been indicated in the interview by the fact that he runs the family business by involving everyone into it and obtaining the clients’ feedback. He encourages his stakeholders to participate in the decision-making process of the company, as a result of which, the customers, along with providing the feedbacks, also give their suggestions as to what the new product should be like. This helps the entrepreneur manage the creativity and innovation in the product and services being provided. This also confirms to the theory of entrepreneur being creative which has been discussed above. Moreover, Raif also says that his business is trying to compete with the rivals and bringing a new product every year and considers baklava to be more profitable and calls it ‘gold line’. Thus, he is fully aware of the strengths of his business and is a challenging risk taker, ready to take a risk in the form of new product every year.
The entrepreneur of the Swan Sweets has also confirmed to the theory of being proactive and promoting expansion. He intends to go international and expand his business geographically to as far as Singapore, Malaysia, WA. But this planning for expansion has been done very carefully and he is well aware of all the places around the world which contain his target markets and potential customers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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