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Advantages of diversity through career management in the workplace - Research Paper Example

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It is often said that the diversity tends to include various dimensions impacting the identities and the perspectives that the people of the organization bring such as parental status, profession, geographic location and education…
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Advantages of diversity through career management in the workplace
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Download file to see previous pages It is often said that the diversity tends to include various dimensions impacting the identities and the perspectives that the people of the organization bring such as parental status, profession, geographic location and education.Workplace diversity is mainly concerned with the people issue that tends to bring similarities as well as differences in the organization. It is often said that the diversity tends to include various dimensions impacting the identities and the perspectives that the people of the organization bring such as parental status, profession, geographic location and education. The concept of workplace diversity is often sought to include everyone. It can be revealed that the workplace diversity is all about learning from others who are different regarding the dignity, respect for all and thus creating the environment that will motivate others as well to learn from various people in order to capture the benefits of the diverse views (Cornell University, n.d.). It is known that the workplace diversity tends to bring numerous gains to the organization. The overall success including the competitiveness rests upon the organization’s capability to encompass the diversity realizing the benefits provided by it. The organizations that evaluate as well as employ the diversity plans visibly derive benefits out of them. The first benefit that arises is the increased adaptability. The organizations that include diverse workplace can offer solution to the existing problems on a day-to-day basis. The employees from diverse background generally tend to bring with them individual knowledge and/or skill thus assisting in providing various ideas that can adapt to the changing markets demand. A person consisting of diverse skills tends to attract the customers on a global basis. The companies embracing the diversity in the workplace motivate the staffs to perform well and at the highest quality (Greenberg, 2006). It can be revealed that the diversity management programs need to have an impact upon the recruitment of the target groups. It must also have an influence upon the career development programs. The term career management is based on the assumption that the individuals can exercise power over their careers. It is to be remembered that proper career management may not only focus upon the skills as possessed by oneself as well as the nature of the work but also it is quite important to focus upon the decision making skills that can be improved as well as developed with the pace of time. It is the work diversity that shapes the career development plans of the individuals. It is because of the diversity at the workplace that forces an individual to manage his/her careers. It has been evident that the world is undergoing rapid changes and the changes have an effect upon the nature of the work. Embracing the changes may damage the careers of the individuals. The competitive aspect on a worldwide basis gives rise to the global businesses and the uncertainties in the global economy. Competition has further forced the organizations to perform acquisitions, reorganization as well as restructuring of the jobs. There have further been changes in the psychological relation among the employers and the employee (Greenhaus & Et. Al., 2009). A person pursuing his career plan in accountancy may experience numerous benefits. It can be demonstrated that the accountants possesses one of the finest job prospects. The individuals who have good interpersonal as well as the communication skills are the targets of the employers in the recent times. There are accountant who need to work on teams with others possessing different backgrounds. Therefore, these accountants must possess the ability to demonstrate and explain the accounting information in a clear and concise manner. This clearly relates to the workplace diversity. The accountants need to divert their skills and knowledge among the diverse cultural background groups which is referred as workplace diversi ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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