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Training Activity - Coursework Example

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Massive Computer, after taking over ABC Computers, will have always brought on their culture to the organization. Employees of ABC computers will find it extremely hard to understand and adjust into the new environment. Therefore employees need to be acquainted with this change…
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Training Activity
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Download file to see previous pages The general staff needs to be trained to follow the policies and procedures of the new company, Massive Computers. Each organization has a different culture and the new company’s culture and way of doing things must be communicated across to the employees so that they may adjust to the new environment and feel a part of the group. Of course, the new management needs to filter out candidates who they feel are not going to be part of the new regime. These employees can be made redundant based on age, qualifications, work experience with the company and a number of other criteria including, but not limited to, ability to adapt to surroundings. The remaining ones should then be notified of their job security so that they will be motivated and be willing to co-operate and be a part of the new training program. Whatever the management has planned for the long-term future of the company should be communicated to the employees so as to avoid ambiguity, apprehensiveness and make them feel a part of the group. Short-term operational planning decisions should also be communicated here. Employees can be trained by their supervisors and should be fully trained and motivated for work, preferably in under a month.
Program 2 – Middle Management
The middle management should be given training regarding the tactical side of things and be communicated the medium term objectives so that they may be able to handle their subordinates....
They should also be trained to keep employees motivated and aligned with the organizational goals so as to ensure that nobody falls off-track. Middle-level managers can be provided training in areas which were previously not under their control but would now be under the new management. The training division, in collaboration with the local HR department should provide this training to the middle-management and the entire process should be concluded in a matter of two weeks. Program 3 – Senior Management The senior management should be provided training pertaining to the strategic aspects of conducting business. The surviving members of the old management should be brought up to date with the methods being used by their American colleagues. Empowerment techniques should also be taught so as to help these members of the senior management feel comfortable when delegating authority and learning to trust their subordinates. Since most of the senior management comprises of Americans, they should be trained to learn aspects of the Australian culture that are relevant to conducting business here so as to better understand their employees and the working environment. This program should be conducted in an informal, off-the-job setting such as at a hotel suite, where the new and old members can get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere and exchange ideas. The local executives can teach their American counterparts about the Australian culture whereas the Americans can teach the locals about how they want things to work and what direction they expect the company to be heading in. The duration of the meeting should be kept short and must be concluded in under one week at best. Training Evaluation Evaluation is a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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