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As Most Theories on Motivation Are Ethnocentric In Nature, They Have Little Value in A Geocentric World - Essay Example

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The motivation theory of an organisation is based on the need satisfaction of individuals. Different theories of motivation have been proposed by different scholars in different ways in order to understand the motivational levels of employees along with job satisfaction. In the motivational theories, the concept of ethnocentrism has been included…
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As Most Theories on Motivation Are Ethnocentric In Nature, They Have Little Value in A Geocentric World
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Extract of sample "As Most Theories on Motivation Are Ethnocentric In Nature, They Have Little Value in A Geocentric World"

Download file to see previous pages Ethnocentrism is considered as types of attitudes as well as behaviours of various individuals. Ethnocentrism behaviour involves cooperation of members within groups and absence of cooperation outside groups. An individual with ethnocentric behaviour considers one’s group as superior and outside group as inferior and disgraceful. The implication of ethnocentrism is not only present in war and conflict rather it may be available in consumer choice. It also arises from the competition between individuals. There is no precise difference between the evolutionary procedures in order to deal with own group members and members of other groups (Axelrod & Hammond, 2003).
In ethnocentrism facts, the psychological aspects of individuals possess both negative and positive outcomes. It may also cause misunderstanding and intercultural-willingness-to-communicate may get decreased. When the sensitivity of intercultural communication increases, the competence level also rises, but ethnocentrism acts as ‘an obstacle to intercultural communication competence’. The sensitivity of intercultural communication as well as multiculturalism encourages cultural diversity and maintains cultural appreciation so as to motivate the people for eliminating ethnocentrism (Dong & Et. Al., n.d.).
The policy of ethnocentrism may lead to “cultural myopia” and the staffing of ethnocentric brings restriction in the development of opportunities in host nations (Hill, 2008). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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