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An empirical study on how international projects differ from standard projects - Research Paper Example

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The onset of globalization has resulted to the popularity of international projects, mergers and acquisitions, the implementation of international and regional systems and finally, the increasing use of technology (Cleveland and Ireland 2007)…
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An empirical study on how international projects differ from standard projects
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Download file to see previous pages Notwithstanding the popularity of the said issues, studies show that they have met a number of disasters. In fact, only a small percentage of the same has relatively succeeded. It, is however, also argued that there are still a number of failures and problems that are associated with project management (Perkins 1999). In this regard, policy analysts have recommended the application of radical change in project management in the hopes of ensuring the success of international project (Cleveland and Ireland 2007). Moreover, it was also discovered that there is also a need to incorporate modern techniques that are deemed appropriate international projects (Zajda 2005; Grisham 2009). Lientz and Rea (2003) mention the following factors as those which contribute to the complexity of international projects which must be dealt with to guarantee its success: “(1) cultural and social differences existing amongst the members of the firms, (2) cultural and social differences amongst countries and within countries, (3) languages and dialect variations, (4) religious practices, (5) legal, regulatory and reporting requirements, (6) technology and level differences in different areas, (7) infrastructure variations, and lastly, (8) time zone differences. Undoubtedly, the presence of the said factors contributes to the existence of the differences between the international projects and the standard projects (Cleveland and Ireland 2007). ...
Why are they more complex, taking attributes such as organizations, systems and technologies, society, company culture, self-interest, regulation, costs, risks, etc. into consideration? In relation to this, the research also aims to either validate or falsify this hypothesis: International projects differ from standard projects; with the former being more complex than the latter due to attributes such as organizations, systems and technologies, society, company culture, self-interest, regulation, costs, risks, etc. Relevance of the Topic As reflected by the section dealing with the research question the hypothesis related to this, this research focuses on the examination of international projects and how they differ from standard ones, taking various factors such as organizations, systems and technologies, society, institutional culture, self-interest, regulation, costs, risks, etc. into consideration. Thus, the relevance of the same is underscored because of its capacity to help the researcher reflect upon the concepts and notions present throughout the entire paper. Aside from the same, the findings of this research shall also help the researcher enhance his professional experience. The importance of the study also lies on the fact that it helps the success of the international projects. Apparently, research points out that due to the complexity of the international projects as well as the failure of project managers to properly respond to this has contributed to its partial success. In this regard, this research offers a perspective on how international projects differ from standard projects due to the complexity of its environment. Hence, international project managers shall be presented with solutions that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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