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What should the UK Government do to make our transport systems work better - Essay Example

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Road congestion has now become a trend in the society and even for individuals in particular. As we have observed, traffic is very rampant especially during the so-called “rush hours” wherein people are in the speed for work or school…
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What should the UK Government do to make our transport systems work better
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Extract of sample "What should the UK Government do to make our transport systems work better"

Download file to see previous pages Road congestion has now become a trend in the society and even for individuals in particular. As we have observed, traffic is very rampant especially during the so-called “rush hours” wherein people are in the speed for work or school. So, as the inconvenience of road congestion grows, cities world wide are struggling to deal the problem of increasing mobile population (Edwards & Smith, 2008, p1). Not being notice by many, that this simple phenomenon on transport problems can produce other problems in the society, or at least point, it contributes to it. We shall see in the study made by Edwards and Smith, the domino effect of the growing mobile population to other predicted problems and even to unforeseen predicaments. Thus, we can see this scenario in a dynamic complexity manner wherein it is still rational to say (though hardly be seen with just a simple glance), that these effects are a by-product of such occurrence (growing mobile population) and that they are simultaneously linked to one another. Problems in the society today like oil price hikes, global warming and economic recessions are mentioned to be the result of a mounting transport population. In their paper entitled “Transport Problems Facing by Large Cities”, it depicts relevant factors which cause transportation problems. The researchers focus their study mainly on four large world cities, particularly London, Tokyo, Paris and New York. As a result of the study made, the researchers conclude several factors that affect the transportation and traffic flows as well as the other flaws linked to it. These would include: large population; high car dependency; and ageing transport infrastructure. We can also see in their study the connection of transport predicament as an inevitable result of other world issues that we are facing at present. Simple questions like “how does a large population affects the expansion of new transportation business?” to a more complex question like “how can a high mobile dependency scenario can lead to economic recessions?” will be discussed and shown in the later part. What the government can do and must do is to make our transportation system better is to create and enact a law or a policy that will efficiently and effectively solve the issue. Though there are already existing policies with regards to this problem, it is still lacking because it does not yet solve the identified predicament. Moreover, the aspect that we will be focusing will be the factors indicated by Edwards and Smith in their study to come up with a strategic policy to answer the problems on transportation in UK as well as its under-effects. There are already proposals to this matter that this paper will be dealing into to have a competitive policy that will somehow ensure a better transport system. But first we must have to look at the factors which contribute more to transportation problem to have a greater knowledge on which to concentrate more our policy to avoid misusage of effort as well as money and to achieve our desired result in a more effective manner. The diagram in the next page will show relevant connections on the factors mentioned by Edwards and Smith regarding transportation problems and there effects on other problems. MONOPOLY IN TRANSPOTATION BUSINESS LARGE POPULATION EXPANSION OF TRANS. BUSINESS LOW BUSINESS COMPETTIVENESS HIGHER RATE OF TRANSPORTATION DEMAND HIGH MOBILE ROAD DEPENDENCY CONGESTION ECONOMIC RECESSION OIL SCARCITY IN WORLD MARKET HIGH CO2 EMISSION/ AIR POLLUTION OIL PRICE HIKE DECLINE IN PRODUCTION GLOBAL WARMING INFLATIONS LOWER CONSUMPTION The Domino Effect As we can see in the diagram, the primary contributor in the interlinked world problems would be the factor of high mobile dependency. If we notice, there is a cause and effect relations between transportation problems to other economic, societal and environmental predicaments that will ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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