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Cross Culture Managment - Essay Example

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The project seeks to analyse the case of a Japanese company operating in Malaysia. However, the company faces certain problems arising out of cross cultural differences between the two nations. This has resulted in demoralising the Malaysian employees. …
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Cross Culture Managment
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Download file to see previous pages However, this company is subsidiary of the Japanese parent company present in Malaysia and this subsidiary company does not follow any of these four principles. Japanese work culture is supposed to be growth oriented, and hence, when ABC MNC entered in Malaysia, large number of people wished to join this organisation as an employee. The above stated four principles of Japanese organisations are the major reason for higher job demand in Japanese organisation. During 2003, due to the closedown of its R&D department Malaysia, employees perceived that their jobs had become less secured. This was the first instance that affects ABC MNC’s job satisfaction level. However, followed by this incident, there were also other factors that increased the number of unsatisfied employees in ABC MNC. ABC MNC was highly dependent on local Malaysian people for recruiting its labour forces. However, most of the top level management were the Japanese expatriate managers and there were significant gaps between the thorough process of Japanese top level managements and local Malaysian employees. Basically, the Japanese and Malaysian culture differs from each other due to their basic orientations that influence their basic traits. The Malaysian local employees used to perceive their Japanese top level management as people with a serious working attitude. Moreover, ABC MNC had a tendency to change its CEO in every three years, and every time, the new CEO restructured the entire organisation including strategies that also increases the dissatisfaction level among Malaysian employees. On the other hand, the top management always emphasised that their employees should gain skills like leadership, better communication etc. However, the company never provided any...
This paper approves that the management also has to take care of the fact that management practices do not remain the same across all nations. It is important to analyse the nature and characteristics of human resources at the place where the company is set up before employing the local employees. As apparent from the above case, candidates were moving out of the company on account of low salaries and other benefits. This is the reason why the management had introduced benefits like transport allowances, car parking allowances and sell phone allowances for retaining the employees. It was also seen that the top management positions in the company were dominated by the Japanese personnel.
This paper has presented crucial areas of job satisfaction and commitments focusing on a case study of a Japan-based company called ABC MNC present in Malaysia. The company suffered from lower job satisfaction level and lower commitment level that led to increase the employee turnover ratio of the organisation. In the present world of competition, managing a growth oriented organisation culture is a necessary but difficult task. As ABC MNC is a multinational organisation, it has to deal with number of issues. Therefore, it must make an effort to understand the culture and psychology of its local Malaysian employees who are crucial factor for the success of ABC MNC of Malaysia. However, in spite of being a Japan-based company, ABC MNC has not able to develop motivational work culture for creating higher job satisfaction and better commitment level. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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